Nerf N-Strike Glowshot Review

The new Nerf N-Strike Glowshot blaster is here and it lights up in spectacular fashion! But, the fact that it glows doesn’t automatically mean it will receive a “glowing’ review. Or does it? Read on to find out… Let there be light!

nerf n-strike glowshot blaster

Nerf N-Strike Glowshot Review!

The Nerf N-Strike Glowshot blaster joins the ranks of the Snapfire and Bowstrike as the middle men blasters, so to speak. They are larger than Jolts and Triads, but not quite as large as a Firestrike or Sidestrike. This places them right in the middle, but is that a good thing? Quite possibly so.

Nerf N-Strike Glowshot: Look and Feel.

nerf n strike glowshot green

While I think this blaster is quite amazing looking, I realize not everyone will share in that opinion. Not everyone loves a clear blaster. Not everyone enjoys gimmicky light up or glow in the dark features, either. So, with that said, this might be more of a love-hate relationship. If you look at the picture and you think you’ll like it, you’re probably going to like it a lot. As far as the feel of the blaster, those with larger hands might want to stay away. My hands are fairly large (but not overly), and my hand barely fits onto the pistol grip handle. It isn’t terribly bad, but it is slightly noticeable. The way the bottom of the handle juts out at an angle is to blame for the slight discomfort, but I suppose it had to be designed that way to accomodate the battery try and everything. Otherwise, everything is as expected. No huge complaints overall with the Glowshot.

Nerf N-Strike Glowshot: Glowing Performance?

nerf n-strike glowshot performance

Yes, I used the same joke twice. Get over it, hahaha. Anyways, the Glowshot looks super duper cool, but does it perform on par? I didn’t do any traditional range tests this time, but from playing around with it for a while I can tell you that it feels like it performs like you’d expect from a blaster in its weight class. That is to say that it performs just like the Snapfire or Bowstrike. This puts it way on the lower end of the Elite class performance spectrum, but it’s still respectable for its size. As to how it functions? Very simply so. Front-load a single dart into the muzzle. Because the blaster is clear, you can see the dart slide down into the barrel and depress the air restrictor. Cool. Next, pull out the plunger rod from the back of the blaster until it clicks and locks into place. That’s it. You can pull the trigger now and the dart will fire. Load another dart if you want to continue firing, otherwise lower your weapon! The glow feature button looks and even operates like a grip safety on a Colt 1911A1. The button to activate the glow light is on the back of the pistol grip and when you squeeze the grip, the webbing between your thumb and index finger pushes the safety style button in. Quite ingenious.

Nerf N-Strike Glowshot Final Thoughts.:

It’s that time to go over my final thoughts and opinions on the Nerf N-Strike Glowshot blaster. This is a part of other peoples reviews that I would typically skip down to when I didnt feel like reading through the entire article. I’d read the intro and then skip down to the conclusion. So, if that’s what you did, welcome to the end! Now to tell you exactly what you came to hear, the Glowshot is definitely a good blaster. If you like the gimmick, and you dont have large hands, definitely make the purchase. It’s fairly cheap and so I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. However, its size and pricing put it into a comparable bracket with a lot of other good blasters, too. There’s the Triad, the Snapfire, the Mega BigShock, etc. The list goes on and on. With that said, I cannot give you a full purchase recommendation for this blaster unless you really love the aesthetics and the glow gimmick. It is not a stellar performer, it is not more comfortable or ergonomic, and it is just not the best at any one thing. So, it’s a bit of a mixed bag here, isn’t it? Ultimately the choice is yours to make, but either way, you won’t really be too disappointed. So allow me to reiterate.: If you like the looks and the glow features, buy it. If not, well then there are better options to consider.

Nerf GlowShot Blaster

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