Nerf Rapidstrike

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 Nerf Rapidstrike – Does it Strike Rapidly?

The Nerf Rapidstrike. With it’s expeditious expulsion of fluffy foam darts, dashing deliberately down range. Rapidly reaching righteous limits, not to be lamented. This blaster definitely lives up to its name. 

Nerf Rapidstrike

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18,  the very best there is. When you absolutely, positively, got to Nerf every melon-farmer in the room; accept no substitutes.

nerf rapidstrike blasterJust take a second and look at this blaster. Go ahead, scroll back up. I have never seen such an official looking, tactical blaster. It really looks like an assault rifle. It is downright gorgeous. I love the design and look of this carbine. I can’t place it, but it is definitely reminiscent of something from Call of Duty. Now c’mon, let’s break it down. The Nerf Rapidstrike is compatible with extended barrel attachments. The Rapidstrike is decked out with an assortment of tactical rails and strap points. It has five different tactical rail mounts for attaching sights, scopes, and other accessories. It has three different areas to attach a sling strap. The Nerf Rapidstrike can’t use shoulder stock attachments, but that’s okay. It has a pretty awesome adjustable integrated shoulder stock. This blaster features a cool carrying handle, complete with tac rail and inline sights.The integrated sights align with the flip-up sight above the muzzle. The Nerf Rapidstrike also comes with a unique 18-dart clip. It is completely transparent. The clear 18-dart clip is awesome. You’ll always know when you’re running low on ammo. It’s extremely functional in that regard, and it just looks good. One other thing I wanted to go over was the pistol grip handle. The handle on this blaster is super comfortable. It’s the perfect size to accommodate all different kinds of hands. nerf rapidstrikeThe gun on a whole is very sturdy and ergonomic. So for those of you who haven’t been counting, there are a lot of tactical rails and sling points on this thing. There are 5 tactical rail mounts. You heard me, five! There are two up top, one under barrel, and one on each side of the rifle. The strap points are all in perfect locations to sling this gun in an assortment of different ways. The Elite Bandolier would be great with the Nerf Rapidstrike.

Rapid Strike, Rapid Stats.

Finally, we have a full-auto assault rifle Nerf blaster. And this thing doesn’t disappoint. To achieve its fully automatic shooting, the Nerf Rapidstrike uses a flywheel mechanism. The flywheels spin very quickly, or should I say “rapidly?” When you pull the trigger, the dart is fed up into the flywheels. The flywheels rapidly propel the darts out of the barrel. To power the flywheels, this blaster requires four C batteries. The packaging recommends Duracell, so grab a pack of the coppertops here: Duracell Size C  Coppertop Batteries. The batteries go inside the hand guard, which is where you rest your hand while holding or aiming the blaster. Once you’re all powered up, make sure the blaster is set up how you like it. Pull out the shoulder stock. Flip up the sight. Load up your clip and insert it into the magwell. Now push down the acceleration trigger and hold it in place. The acceleration trigger is that tiny trigger on the handle, under the firing trigger. You should hear the whirring sound of the flywheels spinning and powering up. You’re ready. Aim down the sights, and acquire your target. You are now ready to shoot. Pull the trigger! If you pull the trigger and release it right away, one dart should fly out. nerf rapidstrike cs-18 blasterHold it for a second or two and a few darts should be fired, as if in a burst mode. If you hold down the trigger without releasing it, the whole clip will empty in a few short seconds. Full-auto, baby. The speed at which these darts leave the barrel is awe inspiring. And the range is on point, too. I consistently reached ranges of 55-65 feet, peaking at 70-75 feet when shot at an upwards angle. Accuracy is on par with other top Elite-level blasters. Very impressive.

The Ranks of The Elite.

Are you ready to join the ranks of the N-Strike Elite? Grab a Nerf Rapidstrike. It’s been engineered on a whole new level. It has an improved flywheel design. It’s easily modifiable. The clip goes from 0-Empty in under six seconds. I’ve said it before, but… Sounds like an exotic car, doesn’t it? It’s now more true than ever. These blasters are just becoming more and more amazing. This one is currently my favorite blaster. Point blank, period. So grab an extra clip or two, and a bag of darts. Jump in and take the Nerf Rapidstrike for a spin. Nothing else can compete with this blaster. This is the top of the line. This is the standard for Nerf blaster primaries. It’s the pinnacle. That means it reigns supreme. And it’s notorious, it will crush you like a jelly bean. It’s bad!

nerf rapidstrike cs18

Featured Mod.

nerf rapidstrike borderlands mod

This awesome Nerf Rapidstrike Borderlands mod was brought to us by Oblivion6 once again. Click the pic to check out more pics/info on this Rapidstrike and see some of his other work on

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Blaster.

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