Nerf Rebelle Lumanate Review

nerf rebelle lumanate

If the Illuminati made a Nerf blaster, this would undoubtedly be it…

nerf rebelle lumanate


Nerf Rebelle Lumanate.

Here today, we’ll be going over the brand new Nerf Rebelle Lumanate blaster! This is a front-loaded, pull to prime, 3 shot blaster with a Smart AR system. It’s basically a re-shell of the Nerf Rebelle Messenger, with a few new tricks up its sleeve. The Messenger blaster has gained quite a following in the NIC, let’s see if the Lumanate can uphold the name and maintain its standings as a Super Elite pocket pistol. Let’s go!

Nerf Rebelle Lumanate: Enlightened Aesthetics.

nerf rebelle lumanate

The Nerf Rebelle Lumanate is a beautiful blaster. It looks way better than the old Nerf Rebelle Messenger on which its design is based. Every single thing is better here. From the muzzle, to the body of the shell, to the more comfortable handle, to the paint job, everything is better. Even the location of the tactical rail is better here. And if you are the type of person to be embarrassed using traditional Nerf Rebelle blasters with their overly girly color schemes, the Lumanate will also solve that problem. The Nerf Lumanate has one of the most gender neutral paint jobs in the whole Nerf Rebelle lineup. The only bit of pink is a tiny secondary trigger on the handle. That little trigger activates the glow feature on the Lumanate. When pressed, it activates an LED bulb that is near the muzzle. This bright little light charges the tips of the custom glow head darts included with the blaster. Neat.

Nerf Rebelle Lumanate: Bright Performance.

nerf rebelle lumanate



First, a quick breakdown on how to operate this blaster. First, front load up to 3 Nerf darts into the three barrels, one in each barrel obviously. Next, pull back the priming rod all the way. It should lock into place and remain in the extended position. Last, pull the trigger and a single dart will fire from the blaster. Repeat the priming and firing action to shoot the rest of the darts. The Nerf Rebelle Lumanate is simple but effective. If you’re unfamiliar with the performance levels of the original Nerf Messenger, prepare to be enlightened. If you already know what the Messenger can do, you won’t be surprised. The Nerf Rebelle Lumanate blaster has thankfully maintained the same level of performance from its predecessor. It has really amazing performance, right out of the box. The Lumanate, like the Messenger before it, shoots super hard and hits great ranges without any modding whatsoever. If you were to measure this blaster on a chronograph, you would see an average increase of about 10 FPS when compared to a lot of other stock Elite blasters. Phenomenal. Why are you still reading this review? Buy this blaster now! Seriously.

Nerf Rebelle Lumanate Final Thoughts and Opinions.:

The Nerf Rebelle Lumanate is an extraordinary little blaster. It absolutely belongs in your arsenal and in your Nerf war load out, too. Three shots, good ergonomics, cool aesthetics, awesome power, etc. The list goes on. The pros here are outstanding. When I try to rack my brain for cons to the Lumanate, I am left scratching my head. The only thing I can think of is the fact that the handguard can be restricting to Nerfers with larger hands. My hands are pretty big and they fit comfortably on the handle, but just barely. So if you have really big (or just chubby) hands, you might run into an issue there. Otherwise, that’s it. This is nearly perfect for what it is. No more words, I can’t recommend this enough. This has been the Nerf Rebelle Lumanate blaster review. Thanks for reading, guys. Blee out.

Nerf Lumanate Blaster

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