Nerf Rey Blaster Review

nerf rey blaster

You will remove any reservations and read this review with your mind open. You will remove any reservations and read this review with your mind open. And you will drop your blaster.

nerf rey blaster

Nerf Rey Blaster.

Here today, we’ll be doing a review of the Nerf Rey Blaster that Hasbro made to be released in conjunction with the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens! I am a pretty big Star Wars fan and Rey was the first strong female lead we’ve had since Queen Padme Amidala and we know what happened to her. She went from powerful Queen to Galactic Senator to barefoot and pregnant in the matter of three movies. Get back in the kitchen, Padme! But seriously, Rey seems a lot different. She doesn’t seem like she’ll be dependent on anyone but herself, and she seems stronger and like more of a fighter than any other female lead in any of the Star Wars movies. I think her strong warrior spirit will continue to prevail in future movies, so I was more than excited to get my hands on her replica blaster. Han Solo gives her this blaster about halfway through the movie and she definitely wastes no time in using it, either. On to the review!

Nerf Rey Blaster: Jakku Aesthetics.

The aesthetics of the Nerf Rey blaster suffer from the same faults of the Han Solo version of these new Hasbro Star Wars blasters. Most notable is the fact that they had to extend the main blaster body to fit the blaster internals inside. To change things they would have probably had to eliminate the internal box magazine and that would leave these blasters as nothing but another single-shot front loader. Anyway, besides the extended length of this blaster, it also has the wrong shape. The blaster in the movie is completely sloped and uniquely shaped at the back of the blaster. The Nerf version looks like a traditional pistol with the regular square back. Once again, this was done to incorporate the internals of the blaster, in this case, the back of the plunger assembly. With that said, the Nerf Rey blaster actually doesn’t look too bad. And it’s pretty comfortable to hold.

Nerf Rey Blaster: Scavenger Performance.

nerf rey blaster

The way this blaster functions is just like the Han Solo blaster, which was just like the Nerf Mega Magnus. To operate Rey’s blaster, first, pull the top pistol slide all the way back to the rear position. The slide will stay in the open position. Load three darts by laying them flat and then pushing them down into the internal box magazine. Next, push the slide all the way forward until it’s closed. You’re primed and ready to fire. Pull the trigger to fire a single dart. Repeat priming by cycling the slide and then pull the trigger again to fire another dart. Speaking of the trigger, though, this blaster does not suffer from the squishy trigger of the Han Solo blaster. But, just like the Han Solo DL44, this Rey blaster does suffer from sub-par performance. It’s definitely well above N-Strike standards but not quite up to the level of performance we expect from modern day N-Strike Elite blasters.

Nerf Rey Blaster Final Thoughts.

nerf rey blaster han solo gives rey the blaster

In the picture up above we see the exact moment that Rey first gets her blaster. Maybe she should have declined the offer, huh? It’s not like the blaster really helped her much throughout the film. She should have just looked at the blaster and then said, “No, thanks. I’ll wait until I get my hands on an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.” The blaster is never given a name in the movie, but Hasbro refers to it as the Nerf Rey Blaster. They also write Jakku in parentheses right next to her name, but why? Jakku is where she’s from(or at least where we find her living when the film starts), but it’s not where the blaster is from. It’s not like Han gives her the blaster on the planet, either. At any rate, I said Rey should probably have passed on the blaster and likewise, you might want to pass on the Nerf Rey blaster. It’s overpriced, underperforming and not perfectly screen accurate. However, if you enjoyed the film and/or Star Wars in general, you might want to pick this thing up. I loved The Force Awakens and I loved Rey, too. So I don’t regret the purchase, but I just want to warn prospective buyers that if you buy this, you’re buying it strictly as Star Wars memorabilia.

Nerf Rey (Jakku) Blaster.

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