Nerf Rough Cut

Nerf Rough Cut

Nerf Rough Cut? Cut? Or Sawed Off? Cuts enemies down roughly? 2 x 4? Like dimensional lumber? Like two rows of four barrels? Two shots each for four enemies? There’s a lot of tricky wordplay at, uh, “play” here.

Nerf Rough Cut

Nerf Rough Cut 2×4 – A cut above the rest?

Anyway, moving right along. Here today we have the Nerf Elite Rough Cut. The Rough Cut very much seems to be a sawed-off shotgun. It has two rows of four short barrels. It has a “smart” air restrictor which will systematically fire darts from top to bottom. This pump-action shotty fires two darts at a time kind of like a buckshot. This helps it better emulate shotgun spread. The darts are front loaded straight into the muzzle. Once loaded, the darts can be Slam-Fired out of the barrel as fast as you slide the pump. The Nerf Rough Cut holds up to the established range and power of the Elite series of blasters. Accuracy is not good. For a shotgun, though, this is expected. The wider spread of this blaster helps with the low accuracy.

Rough Cuts, Or Just A Paper Cut?

Nerf Rough Cut

Nerf Rough CutThe Nerf Rough Cut is a great blaster. It functions just as you would expect a shotgun to function. Slide the pump-action grip back and then forward again. Then press the trigger. The pump grip is small and might be uncomfortable for larger hands. Also, storing darts inside the chambers could weaken your gun. So always remember to load just before you fire. Then fire all shots. Don’t leave ammo inside the barrels. Beyond those caveats, the Rough Cut is a blast to use. It has a couple of sling attachment points and even a tactical rail up top.

Nerf Rough CutNerf Rough CutThis gun also comes in a few different configurations. There is the standard Elite Blue edition and there is a White colored edition. There is also the Blaster Value Pack that comes with twice the darts. The Value Pack isn’t really worth it, in my opinion. It’s usually sold at an inflated price point these days. Last, there is a Nerf Zombie Strike Rough Cut 2-pack. So which is your favorite variation of the Nerf Rough Cut? If none of these strike your fancy, maybe think about modding. The Rough Cut is used in custom Nerf modifications a lot. It is actually integrated into other blasters. Usually, the Rough Cut would be installed underneath the barrel of a rifle type Nerf blaster. This is called a Master Key attachment.  You can see an example here: Nerf Longshot Masterkey.

Also, it seems to come in a “real-gun configuration too:

Nerf Rough Cut Inspiration?

Was this the inspiration for the Nerf Rough Cut?

 Featured MOD.

nerf rough cut mod

This featured mod of the Nerf Rough Cut is too good. Look at that paint job and that LED light on the side. I couldn’t resist choosing this one for the feature. It was modded by Etsy user DrDisco. Click for more info.

 Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2×4 Blaster

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