Nerf Shotgun Mod: Nerf Rampage Spas 12

nerf rampage spas 12 - the nerf shotgun mod

Whether you’re a fan of real steel firearms, or you used to be a Call of Duty junkie, or even if you’re just seeing this shotgun/blaster for the first time, you’ve got to admit… This thing looks awesome!


nerf rampage spas 12 - the nerf shotgun mod


Nerf Shotgun MOD: Nerf Rampage Spas 12 Mod Kit.

Everyone has wondered about which Nerf blaster could be considered a part of the shotgun class of blasters. Many Nerfers would say that only a blaster that maintained the multi-shot nature of real shotguns should be considered a Nerf shotgun. This, of course, would leave us only with the Nerf Barrel Break, the Nerf Rough Cut or the Nerf Sledgefire. I take a more simplistic approach to identifying which blasters belong to a certain class of foam firearms: If it looks like a duck, it is a duck. Plain and simple. So to me, when I look at a Nerf Rampage, it’s a shotgun. And after this mod, it will be very hard to deny that the Nerf Rampage is most definitely a Nerf shotgun.

What’s In The Box?!

nerf rampage spas 12 - the nerf shotgun mod

In the box, you’ll find the three main pieces of this Nerf shotgun modification kit. The pieces include the folding stock(and its required screws), the barrel, and the pump grip. Other than some German newspaper for packing paper, that’s all you will find inside your box. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s it.

Nerf Rampage: Spas 12 Nerf Shotgun Modification Kit Installation.

As is the norm with these 3D printed kits, turning your Nerf Rampage into a bonafide Nerf shotgun is super easy. All you have to do is unscrew all of the screws and remove the stock adapter end cap piece and the pump action handle. Separate the two shell halves and the rest is basically just swapping out piece for piece. Pull out the round orange muzzle and then slide the new Spas 12 shotgun barrel into the spot the muzzle occupied. You want to put the new barrels directly onto the long Nerf barrel. You can now close the blaster up. If the shell aligns properly and closes with no issue, you have more than likely installed the barrel successfully. Next, using a hex key, unscrew the pump grip. It splits apart into two pieces. You have to align the metal priming rod with the appropriate slot in the right side of the pump grip. There is a little loop on the end of the priming rod that will fit perfectly in a circular cutout in the pump grip. Place the other half of the grip back on top and screw it all back together. You should test the blaster to make sure everything is operating like it should. Prime and fire the blaster a few times to make sure your blaster is operating like the Nerf shotgun it has become. Last, it’s time to attach the Spas 12 shoulder stock onto your brand new Nerf shotgun. Slide the stock on like you would any Nerf shoulder stock attachment. It friction fits very well, but you’ll still want to use the two provided screws to secure the stock into place. This time, you’ll be using a traditional Philips head screwdriver. Once that’s done, pat yourself on the back because you’ve just finished the full installation! Congratulations! You now have the coolest Nerf shotgun ever made.

Nerf Shotgun Mod: Nerf Rampage Spas 12 Final Thoughts.

nerf rampage spas 12 - the nerf shotgun mod

This mod kit is so amazing! I absolutely love this thing! Hands down, this is the coolest cosmetic mod kit available for the Nerf Rampage. This is the best thing you can do to your Rampage, period. Do some quick performance mods on the inside, do a quick paint job, and then slap this modification kit on. Done, done, and done! Now this thing isn’t absolutely perfect, but nothing ever is, is it? This Nerf shotgun mod kit has one huge flaw: the shoulder stock. The stock on here looks just like the real Spas 12 stock and it folds up and lays flat on top of your blaster. In this position, it can actually be used as a pretty awesome looking iron sight. This all mimics the actual Spas 12, but there’s one thing this stock does that would never happen with the real Spas 12. If you apply too much pressure onto the stock, the stock collapses and folds down towards the ground. That’s actually the opposite direction it’s supposed to fold. without some kind of reinforcement, there’s no way that the stock can actually be used the way it’s meant to be used. This sounds like a pretty big flaw, but luckily, I think the stock looks way better folded up on the top of the blaster. I much prefer to use it as iron sights and I think it is much cooler this way. The second flaw isn’t really a flaw, but the kit is all black. This pretty much ensures that you’ll get the cops called on you if you take this thing out in public. So, the realistic nature of this kit forces you to keep this blaster hidden away from the general public and used only on private property or indoor Nerf wars or something like that. The kit can now be ordered in different colors, though, so I guess that pretty much solves that issue. I still do think the original black color looks the best. That’s all for this one, guys. You can find this kit on if you’d like to purchase one for yourself. Otherwise, it’s time to say goodbye. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next review! Nerf on!

{This has been the German Nerf Rampage Spas-12 Nerf Shotgun Mod Kit Review

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