Nerf Sledgefire Review

zombie strike Nerf Sledgefire

I’m really excited about the Nerf Sledgefire. When I saw it, It made me remember something my dad told me when I was younger. My father would tell me about the toy guns he had as a child. He told me some of his guns actually used shells with a little piece of foam or rubber inside of it. He said the shells would even eject from his gun. I remember thinking that was the coolest thing I had ever heard about a toy gun. I always had a thing for realistically functioning toy guns. I always loved Nerf, too. But as far as I know, Nerf has mostly shied away from using shells with any of its’ blasters. That is what made me consider using some Buzz Bee blasters instead. In the end, though, I was lucky enough to get the best of both worlds. Enter in the Nerf Zombie-Strike Sledgefire Blaster.

The Nerf Sledgefire

nerf sledgefire

nerf sledgefire shellsThe Nerf Sledgefire is a shell-loaded, break-action, shotgun type blaster. The shells are pretty neat. The Sledgefire comes with 3 shells and they hold 3 darts in each shell. That’s 9 darts to play with. You load the darts into the shell and then the shell into the blaster. This blaster has a break action design whereby you “break” the blaster in half to load it. Then, you close it back and it’s locked and loaded and ready to go. This may in fact be the coolest shotgun on the Nerf lineup. That’s a title that the Nerf Slingfire previously held. That one had the lever-action Terminator 2 thing going for it. The Nerf Sledgefire has it’s break-action shell-loaded thing. The Nerf Sledgefire also features a unique color scheme. Most Zombie Strike weapons are green with orange. Instead of all green and orange, this blaster is  powder blue and orange. It’s pretty unique and it works really well. The gun has a really functional design also. The shoulder stock is nice and comfortable. It has ammo storage near the butt of the stock. The ammo storage area lets you snap in all 3 of your included shells, for quick loading. There is one tactical rail up top. There is a hammer release that you can reach with your thumb for the break-action barrel. Besides the color scheme, this blaster features another unique trait. It is the only blaster that shoots 3 darts simultaneously. The Nerf Sledgefire has the most true emulation of shotgun buckshot spread that there is in a Nerf blaster. As far as the power and range, it’s comparable to all of the other Elite Zombie Strike blasters. The accuracy is pretty on point for a shotgun blaster, too. All 3 darts are fired with equal power and range and hit pretty close to each other. The reload time is a bit slow because of the shells, but I think it’s well worth it. Loading these things into the blaster is too cool. It feels so authentic. After 9 shots, though, you’ll have to reload all of the shells. To combat this, I suggest just buying more shells. Hasbro has graciously made separate shells available for the Nerf Sledgefire. You can find them online easily enough.

Nerf Sledgefire

Featured MOD.

nerf sledgefire mod

This mod comes to us from the guys over at TheGeekArmory. And WOW, oh wow. This thing looks phenomenal. I can’t believe the level of detail they produced with their expert craftsmanship. You’ve got to see the rest of the pics of this beauty. Click the pic for more info/pics on TheGeekArmory’s page.

Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster

4 thoughts on “Nerf Sledgefire Review

  1. Hi, I don’t know if this website is active anymore, but I am making a mod for this gun to make it more like the Argus from Call of Duty Black Ops III. We will actually change the gun into lever action, along with giving it a longer barrel and a custom sight. Just a project I want to try with my friend.

    1. That sounds amazing! And I’d love to see some pics when you’re done, I may feature it on my website or across social media (if you don’t mind). Also, the site is still active, I’ve just been very busy lately, but I will be coming back in full force very soon. Check out the NGA YouTube account in the meantime….

      1. You can feature it if you want. It may take 2-3 weeks before it’s done, because the barrel mod is super difficult. We also might recreate the Vesper with a Nerf mod, but we don’t know any Nerf guns that look kinda like it. Any ideas?

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