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What really stands out about the Nerf Spectre is the fact that it is so customizable, right from the jump. This blaster comes with several Nerf gun attachments included in the box. You’re supposed to switch up and change attachments on the fly. Either adding or removing as the “mission” demands. It is another revolver type weapon, with a five-dart barrel. It starts out as a pistol, but you can add on the included stock to make it more like a sub-machine gun. Or add the stock and the extended barrel/silencer to go into full assault rifle mode. I love it when they do stuff like this.

Nerf Spectre Rev-5, N Strike Elite Blaster

nerf spectreThe Good

nerf spectreI love the option of dismantling this gun and using it in different ways at different times. When you have the option to really customize something, it’s great. It makes the owner of the gun feel like they have some real control over how it will perform in battle. Nearly all Nerf blasters have this functionality built in, but with the Spectre it’s like they’re giving you a big head start. That’s an aspect that has been a part of Nerf blaster products for a while now. Back to the Nerf Spectre. It looks almost like a slimmer version of the Strongarm when all the Nerf gun attachments are removed. Speaking of the attachments, you aren’t limited to the ones included in the box. You can attach many different shoulder stocks and barrels to this weapon. There is also a tactical rail mount for optical sights or similar items. nerf spectreThe Nerf Spectre hits ranges of about 50 ft and is pretty darned accurate, too. You pop the cylinder out to the side and load the 5 darts. Pop it back in and then pull the pistol slide back. It is now ready to shoot.

The Bad

Although you can attach other extended barrels, some barrel extensions aren’t fully compatible and see the darts getting stuck. I love the idea of a foldable shoulder stock. I really do. But the included shoulder stock attachment is a tad bit flimsy. Therefore it’s usefulness is reduced. Also, the Nerf Spectre has a propensity to jam every so often. I’m not sure if this happens because of the smaller cylinder, but it does happen occasionally. The gun doesn’t jam excessively or enough to be too much of a detriment, though. This blaster’s really just a repaint of the original Nerf Spectre from 2010. The only differences being the Elite-class plunger system and a better color scheme.

nerf spectre best nerf gunThe Ugly

The Nerf Spectre Rev 5, N-Strike Elite Blaster is a Walmart exclusive in the United States. I wonder how much these companies are paying Nerf for these exclusive blasters. Oh well. You can see it on Amazon here, Nerf N-Strike Elite Spectre Rev-5 Steal Blaster, but you’ll notice it’s from a 3rd party seller and the price is grossly inflated. The price does fluctuate when dealing with online retailers, though, so I’d definitely check back often.


2 thoughts on “Nerf Spectre REV-5

  1. Mine has the same problem!

    The Spectre is notorious for turret jam. As mentioned by Cory, it’s the rotation mechanisms. Try opening it & checking the gears, contact points as well as lubricating it.

    I notice that when loading the turret back into the blaster, the hexagon rotating contact point needs to be fully seated – by gentle rocking with the turret until you feel a solid “click”. This way it does minimize jams (it will still happen) & provided the internal rotation mechanisms are okay, it’s really just a poor design & the later models like Strongarm etc use a different type of mechanism.

    Still, the Spectre is a sleek design blaster & this manual adjustment helps (though not good for Nerf wars!).

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