Nerf SplitStrike

nerf splitstrike

Now this is a true “2-in-1” blaster, the Nerf Split Strike.

nerf splitstrike

The Nerf SplitStrike splits apart to strike separately from 2 different blasters

Another new blaster emerges! The Nerf Splitstrike was recently leaked and then later confirmed. We now know it to be one of the many new blasters we can expect towards the very end of the summer. The upcoming Nerf Splitstrike is similar in function(and name) to the Nerf Firestrike. Someone who opened her up said the internals are similar to the FireStrike, but with 2 barrels and a smart air restrictor system like you’d find in a Nerf Triad. Also, instead of the fire (light) as the gimmick, these blasters split apart. When assembled, the nerf splitstrikeNerf SplitStrike has 4 barrels and 2 plunger handles. The way the triggers line up, it appears that it would be very easy to pull them both at once. Hence, this blaster can fire 2 shots at a time. Then you can fire another 2 darts before having to reload. Not bad. I think what they may be going for is the element of surprise. Your enemies are probably not counting on you quickly splitting your blaster into two and being able to dual wield. If you look at the bottom of the handles on this thing, you’ll see that it is angled out to a tip. In the past this has been used to prime the blaster in your opposite hand when dual wielding. This has been used quite effectively in the past on blasters like the Firestrike and even the Nerf Strongarm. The thing I don’t like about these blasters is how flat they look when you split them up. Given, I haven’t seen them in person yet, so that may change. But what do you think, Nerf Nation? Are you excited for this blaster(s)? Will you be picking this up? Now, we have the Firestrike for the laser/light. We have the Sidestrike for the slide/holster. And soon we will have the SplitStrike, for dual wielding. Let me know how you really feel, down below in the comments section.

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