Nerf Stryfe

Nerf Stryfe

Nerf Stryfe

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster. When you’re a kid and you wanna go “Wee!,” but you ain’t got Nerf yet. – You hold on for your life. You hold on to your little… foam darts and Stryfe. Foam darts and Stryfe, foam darts and Stryfe. Foam darts fired like lightning! Like Lightning! Foam darts will rain… 

Nerf Stryfe

The alternate orange colored Elite Nerf Stryfe available @

The Nerf Stryfe reminds me of a Tec-9 machine pistol. It’s a very cool looking SMG type blaster. It has two tactical rail mounts. One up top and one under the barrel. The Stryfe also has two sling points as well. This blaster is also compatible with shoulder stocks and extended barrel attachments. I love the design. The size is also perfect for an SMG. Most importantly, the grip feels amazing. The handle is the perfect size for me and I have fairly large hands. It is battery operated and uses a flywheel mechanism to fire darts. Yes, that means it’s semi-automatic. Each time you pull the trigger, it will fire a dart. The rate-of-fire of this blaster is limited only by the strength of your trigger finger. No need to prime the blaster between each shot. Beyond the high rate of fire, the blaster is also very consistent. It shoots far and in a tight group of accurate shots. When it’s empty, which will be often, you’ll find the clip release located in the perfect location. The clip release button is located at the junction of the trigger guard and the magazine feed. This location facilitates one handed clip release. It also makes it more natural and ergonomic. Just like the rest of the blaster.

nerf stryfe mission kit fully assembledFoam Darts and Stryfe.

The Nerf Stryfe is a heck of a blaster, there’s no disputing that. Outstanding, impressive, versatile, well-rounded. All words that can be used to describe the Stryfe. With it’s accurate, consistent, semi-auto shooting. To fire the Nerf Stryfe, first you must load the clip. The included clip only holds 6 darts, so that shouldn’t take long to load. Insert the clip into the magwell under the body of the gun. You will feel it click into place. Next, you have to hold down the little trigger under the main trigger. You will hear the flywheels spinning and powering up. Next, just pull the trigger. Pop in 4 AA batteries and a clip and that’s all you need. Speaking of a clip, though, brings me to the only drawback of the Nerf Stryfe. It comes with a 6 dart clip. Six darts can be fired off with this thing in a matter of seconds. Literally. The Nerf Stryfe can go from zero to empty in 5 seconds. Sounds like an exotic sports car, right? That means loading the clip takes almost as long as it takes to empty. Ridiculous. This blaster absolutely requires a larger clip. Luckily, they made a kit for that. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit. This bundle comes with the Stryfe and a few Nerf gun attachments. It includes a Stockade shoulder stock, the Retaliator barrel extension, and a full 18-dart clip. Alternatively, you can just buy the 18-dart clip separately.


Nerf Stryfe

The Elite Nerf Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit includes everything you need. Click the image for info and pics on

 Featured MOD.

Nerf Stryfe Resident Evil mod

Here’s another Resident Evil themed mod from user Oblivion6. This might just be his best yet. Click the photo to check out the rest of the pics, including the Stryfe with a folding stock attached.

Nerf N-Strike Elite: Stryfe Blaster

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