Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire

nerf super soaker floodfire

A great FloodFire is coming. The waters of the hose will meet the waters of the tank.

nerf super soaker floodfire

Nerf built a Super Soaker to harness the storm. They built a FloodFire.

If I’m not mistaken, the Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire is the first water gun to be able to attach a garden hose directly to its water tank. Outside of industrial or automotive applications, and aftermarket modifications, I believe this Super Soaker holds the title for first water gun to do that. That alone warrants a second look at this thing. So, here comes the Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire review! Are you ready?

Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire Review.

nerf super soaker floodfire box

First, we’ll dissect the box and see what we can learn. The FloodFire is advertised to reach the same ranges as the FlashFlood and other recent Super Soaker water blasters. That range is 38 feet (11.5m). They also largely advertise the fact that this water gun attaches directly to a hose, “for max soakage!” And why wouldn’t they? The hose attachment feature is the bread and butter of this blaster and it is also the main selling point. We have an inset of the hose being attached, and a larger picture of a kid holding and shooting the FloodFire. Pretty typical stuff. Next, let’s flip this over and move on to the back of the box.:

nerf super soaker floodfire box back

Looking at the back of the box, we see the full FloodFire blaster. The photo is using that same cool underwater look that I like. The box also gives you a (mostly unneeded) explanation for how to use the blaster. Outside of that, it goes over range and water tank capacity again. The range is the same 11.5 meters whether you are using the pump grip or the built up pressure from the garden hose. That’s slightly disappointing as I would have liked to see increased ranges from using the hose. Finally, there are some advertisements for other water guns, including the Nerf Super Soaker FlashFlood.

They Call Me The Fireman…

nerf super soaker floodfire refillThe Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire is not a 2-in-1 water blaster like the FlashFlood. But it does have 2 different firing modes. It has a semi-automatic pump fire mode, which is fine and dandy. But the complete full-auto firing experience comes when you hook it up to the hose. In this fully automatic firing mode, you only need to hold on to the trigger. The Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire will keep going, and going, and going. Just like the Energizer Bunny, except with no batteries required. But, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s go over the basic function of this blaster which is quite simple really. First, you need some of that sparkling H2O inside of your reservoir. Open up the water cap on top of the blaster and grab a pitcher of water, or something a little more adventurous. I’d suggest a fire hose. Aim the hose roughly in the center of the opening and let her rip. If you water gun isn’t completely obliterated by the full force of a firemans hose, it should at least be completely full. Make sure to reattach the cap and make sure it is fully secure and not leaking. Time to test things out. Slide the pump grip back and forth a few times. After the first two shots or so, a full blast of water should shoot out. You’re ready. Now that you’re feeling more comfortable with the Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire, it’s time to become more familiar with the firing modes.

nerf super soaker floodfireFirst, and I suggest you do it this way too, just attach the hose to the blaster from the beginning. The hose goes underneath the blaster and attaches to a quick connect attachment. This way you can fill the blaster up to full capacity and fire off a few shots while doing so. You’ll be instantly ready for battle and automatically refilling the blaster after every shot. This mode severely limits your mobility, though, so I suggest you stay in one general area. You won’t have to duck and hide while refilling the blaster, because it will never run out. You can hold down the firing trigger and fire a constant stream of water. This firing mode is more of a heavy gunner type thing.

nerf super soaker floodfire water blasterNext up is the run and gun mode. If you want to regain your mobility and move around the area with some freedom, disconnect the hose from the blaster via the quick connect port on the bottom of the blaster. That’s it, you’re ready to free roam. Now don’t forget: you’ve reverted back to a semi-automatic firing mode. So don’t go relying on holding down that trigger anymore. You actually have to use the pump shotgun type grip to fire off streams of water.

Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire: Final Thoughts…

nerf super soaker floodfire



nerf super soaker floodfire quick connect hose adapter

The Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire quick connect hose adapter. It is a cool “gimmick” that is actually very useful. However, I would have liked to see it serve the function of refilling the blaster as well.

Let’s start with the good again. I’ll go over what I do like about this blaster. First and foremost, I love that it has an actual firing trigger. I hate water guns with no trigger, it just feels weird. Next, I love the design of this blaster. Hasbro always makes some great looking products and the FloodFire definitely continues that trend. I also love the idea of the quick connect hose adapter. Having an unlimited supply of water that uses constant pressure is awesome. And the fact that you can detach at any time and use it like a more traditional water blaster is perfect. Overall, just like the FlashFlood, the Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire is a very capable, very fun water blaster to use. But nothing on this Earth’s surface is perfect, so here we go: the Cons. First, I said I loved the trigger (and I do), but you have to hold the trigger down even when it’s not being used to fire the water. That’s right, when you’re using the pump action to fire streams of water, the trigger has to be held down continuously. I would have also liked to see the hose connect area also be where you filled the blaster up with water. If they could have eliminated one of the entry ports on this blaster, that would have been cool.

Nerf Super Soaker Water Blaster Flashbacks…

nerf super soaker kidI can’t keep talking about this blaster (or any new Super Soaker really), without thinking back to the old CPS Super Soakers that they used to make back in the good old days. That point is especially obvious given the fact that the Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire uses a pressure system. It utilizes the built up pressure that the constant flow from the garden hose provides. It’s really great, but it ends once you disconnect the hose. I really miss those days and I even wrote a semi-comedic editorial article about it. You can check it out here: Nerf Super Soaker: What Happened?

Nerf Super Soaker FloodFire Blaster

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