Nerf Swords and Melee Weapons

zombie strike nerf swords and melee weapons

In war, you will always have some kind of bladed weapon. It is mandatory whenever you do battle. Whether it’s a tactical knife on your waist, or a bayonet on the end of your rifle: you need a blade. Nerf Wars are no different. Having some kind of edged weapon can be essential when you’re nearly down and out. Luckily, Nerf hasn’t let us down in that regard. They’ve produced many Nerf Swords and other melee weapons over the years.

Nerf Swords.

vendetta nerf swords

First, we’ll start off with my favorite Nerf Swords. Yes, I said Nerf Swords. The N-Force Vendetta Sword is actually a set of two swords that can combine to make one “fearsome mega-blade.” When combined, the double edged sword is about 4 feet long. That’s too cool.

zombie strikeblade nerf swords

Next up, we have the Nerf Zombie Strikeblade Sword. Basically a repainted version of the fan favorite N-Force Vantage Sword, the Zombie Nerf Swords are instant winners. Sleek and sturdy, the Zombie Nerf Swords blade always strikes true. This sword is about 2 feet long.

Other Melee Weapons.

nerf swords klaw hatchet

That’s basically it for Nerf Swords, but I’ve got two bladed weapons left. First up is the Nerf N-Force Klaw Hatchet. This foam hatchet does actually look pretty good. When I look at it, it reminds me of the ice picks that mountain climbers use. I dunno. Also, it’s pretty good for throwing. You can grab it in a 2 Pack too. The Klaw is 16 inches long.

nerf machete nerf swords

Another weapon good for throwing is the Nerf Zombie Strike Machete. Not quite amongst the ranks of the Nerf Swords, but still pretty good. Looks pretty fearsome, too. I could picture Rambo using something like this. I like the taped up look of the handle, too. The Nerf Machete is approx. 1.5 feet long.

nerf swords chainsaw

Next, we have the Nerf Zombie Strike ZED Squad Chainsaw. That’s a long name, isn’t it? By the time I asked someone to pass me that, I’d already be zombie food. Anyway, the ZED Squad Chainsaw attaches onto tactical rail mounts, so they can actually be attached to any Nerf blaster with a tactical rail. Gears of War, anyone?

The Kitchen Sink.

zbombz nerf swords and other melee

Finally, a hodgepodge of foam weaponry. No Nerf Swords here, folks. However, we have just about everything else. Oh boy, where do I start? We have a Nerf Zombie Strike 2×4. Yup, it’s a piece of wood. We also have a foam baseball bat, dubbed the Nerf Zombie Strike Z-Bat. We have a set of Zombie Strike “Z-Bombz.” Option 1 or Option 2. Two sets that either include a gutted football with dynamite shoved inside and a mini circular saw blade, or one that includes a little grenade that looks like a lime and a brick. A brick. They also have a Zed Squad Hammer and Zed Squad Wrench/Axe.

Use The Force!

nerf swords alternative

Color Change Lightsaber’s blade changes from blue to red color. Be a Jedi Knight or Sith Lord.


All of these Nerf Swords are great and all, but I can’t keep writing N-Force and not talk about my favorite melee weapons. It’s common knowledge that the lightsaber is the coolest weapon ever made. Darth Vader’s, Anakin’s,Luke’s. —  I would use any one of those lightsabers in a Nerf War if they let me. This is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a Nerf blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. ‘Nuff said! Lightsabers > Nerf Swords.

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