Nerf Tactical Vest

nerf tactical vest

Nerf Tactical Vest

Suit up! The Nerf Tactical Vest covers all of your needs for your custom Nerf load out.

Nerf Tactical Vest

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Pick a blaster(or two). Grab a few clips. Slip in a dozen darts. Strap on the Nerf N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest. Raise your weapon. Release a battle cry. Yell, “show me my opponent!” It’s hard to not feel a little overpowered when wearing this vest, as it affords such a large capacity for storage. You are able to carry twelve darts in the Dart Storage Loops. You can carry four clips in the clip storage areas. It has pockets for loose darts or smaller blasters. It has a hook and elastic strap to hold your larger sidearm blaster. It has various straps to hang other Nerf gear and accessories. You can also connect the Nerf Bandolier to this thing. That’s a lot of firepower. And, with this vest, you are able to access all of it quickly and efficiently. More specifically, this vest allows you to be technically and tactically proficient. Above all else, it allows you to always complete the mission.

Nothing’s New Under The Sun

Nerf Tactical VestNo idea’s original, there’s nothing new under the sun. But it’s never what you do, but how it’s done. This vest was actually based around the original Nerf Tactical Vest from 2009. There are some differences, but they are inferior, not major. The first vest lacked the blue coloring that I think helps the newer vest to stand out. There is a place to carry a Nerf sword on the back. On the top left of the front is a patch of Velcro used to attach custom team logos. The older vest has a holster on the left side where there is only a hook and elastic on the new vest. I think this is the most important difference between the two vests.

Only a fool trusts his life to a weapon.

Or a vest. Both of these vests are good. But neither will win the battle for you. They both come in one-fits-all sizes, with adjustable straps. They both allow for you to turn into a walking Nerf tank. They may not win the battle for you, but they will certainly nudge you closer to victory. Whether you decide to get the newer Nerf Tactical Vest or the original, you will be ready to take on anyone.

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