Nerf Terradrone Review

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This is the Nerf Terradrone Combat Creatures Review.

nerf terradrone

(Also known as the Combat Creatures Attacknid Dart Shooter.)

Now what’s cooler than an arachnid-based multiple-leg spider-walking cyborg killer? Nothing, that’s what! Okay, maybe it’s not a cyborg or a killer, but it still looks pretty darned cool. Imagine a remote controlled arachnid, perambulating around the living room sofa. Now imagine it’s fully loaded with deadly Nerf foam darts. Awesome! I know, right? Hasbro has teamed up with fellow toy company, Wow! Stuff. Together, they bring you the Combat Creatures Attacknid Dart Shooter, better known as… the Nerf Terradrone.

Getting To Know The Nerf Terradrone.

Not to be a stickler, but the Nerf Terradrone is not actually an arachnid (attacknid?). One of the main requirements for being classified as an arachnid is having eight legs. Look at the Terradrone.:

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As you can see, it does not have eight legs. It only has six legs. These legs come in the box disassembled. You have to snap the orange plastic pieces onto the end of the gray upper legs portion of the drone. The legs are hollow shells of lightweight orange plastic. Snap each one on individually and make sure they are fully secure.

nerf terradrone

Then you put the head on top of the leg base and then the brain (drum magazine) inside the head. When attaching the head, there will be no click or pop sound when you put it into place. It basically just sits there. You should make sure to load the drum before you insert it into the Combat Creature.

nerf terradrone

Pop the batteries in and you’re done. It requires 4 AA batteries, which are inserted into the side of the black base portion of the Nerf Terradrone body. You’ll need to unscrew the battery compartment panel door. Additionally, you’ll need to put another 2 AA batteries in the controller as well. The little black controller actually looks like an old Super Nintendo controller, which is kind of cool. It definitely brings back memories.nerf terradrone controllerRight, so you use this black Nintendo controller to control the Nerf Terradrone. You can move it back and forth by pressing up and down with the directional pad on the left side of the controller. If you press left or right, it will turn the head. The body goes wherever the head is looking. On the right side of the controller are 2 buttons. One of these buttons is to control the angle of tilt for the Terradrone head, the other button is to fire the darts. When you press the button to tilt the head, it will tilt the head upwards as long as you hold the button. If you release the button, it will stop. If you press the button again, it will continue going all the way up to its max 45 degree angle. Once it has reached the highest angle, then it will start to come back down. The firing button serves to rev up the flywheels and fire darts, there is no separate acceleration button.

The Nerf Terradrone Performance.

Look at the Nerf Terradrone again. It looks very cool, doesn’t it? The whole look of this attacknid blaster is very nice. The general idea behind this blaster-bot is a great one. However, that is where it ends.

nerf terradrone

In the official commercial for the Nerf Terradrone, they advertise it as a “six-legged, walking, remote control drone for the ultimate sneak attack.” Most of that sentence is true. It does have six legs that it walks on and it is controlled remotely. However, “ultimate sneak attack?” This thing is LOUD. Very loud. The mechanical sound of the motors as the Nerf Terradrone walks or turns its head is very loud. Not to mention this is a flywheel blaster, and as we know from the Nerf Rapidstrike (or any other flywheeler), those motors can be very noisy. Add to it the sound of the hard plastic feet tapping across the floor as it walks and you’ve got yourself a very noticeable toy. They also say you can “march into battle with 360 degree rotating blasting and 12 dart rapid-fire action.” Once again, partially correct and partially not. “Rapid” fire? I’m afraid not. They should have said “continuous” or “automatic,” but definitely not rapid. When you press and hold down the firing button on the remote control, the Nerf Terradrone will engage in the following motions.: It will rev the flywheels for a second, then it will fire. Then it will rotate the cylinder while revving up the flywheels again. Then it will shoot again. Et cetera, et cetera. It takes the Nerf Terradrone almost 2 seconds to fire each dart. That is painfully slow and can not compete with any other Nerf blaster, period. If that’s not bad enough, it also walks as slow as it shoots. Look at this video from Nerf Socom Reviews to see how any Nerf war with the Nerf Terradrone would go.: Nerf Combat Creatures TerraDrone Review and Battle Test.

nerf terradrone


Featured MOD.

nerf terradrone modification

I love this mod. It makes it look like something you’d find out on Tatooine or on the Borderlands or something. This Nerf Terradrone mod was done by the fine folks over at the SteamPunkLaboratory on

Nerf Combat Creatures TerraDrone

nerf terradrone

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