Nerf Triad

nerf triad

Nerf Triad EX-3

nerf triadIn music, a triad is a set of three notes that can be stacked in thirds. In foam dart blasters, the Nerf Triad is a pocket pistol with a stack of three barrels.  The Nerf Elite Triad EX-3 is reminiscent of a (real-life) Derringer pistol.  The Triad shoots its triangular formation of darts, one by one. It has a smart air restrictor like the Nerf Rough Cut. It maintains ranges set by its Elite class brethren.nerf triad predecessor The Nerf Jolt is the older model. It only has one barrel, but it has the same cocking mechanism as the Nerf Triad. You pull the little arm jutting out from the handle and you’re good to go. Pull the arm all the way until it clicks, then pull the trigger. Do this each time you want to shoot. Three primes of the handle for three shots of darts. The darts are front loaded, into the end of the muzzle they go. The Jolt bears an Elite color scheme, but it’s really just a repaint of the original N-Strike Jolt. It’s a cool little blaster, if nothing else. Also, I’m positive it was inspired by this real life gun: FP-45 Liberator.

The Nerf Triad makes an awesome backup weapon. Not your main sidearm, but that one you have tucked away by your ankle. Your last resort weapon for when the enemy thinks they have the drop on you. It has a nice, solid feel. It’s compact, but not too tiny. It has impressive performance coming from such a small package. It’s firing ranges are on par with all the bigger Elite rifles. The Jolt is only two bucks cheaper than the Nerf Triad. To save 2 dollars, you would have to sacrifice 2 extra barrels. You’re also sacrificing range and comfort. The Jolt is just a little too small for grown hands. Both, however, would be suitable for younger people. All in all, I just don’t see a need for the Nerf Jolt anymore. With the Nerf Triad here and the Mega BigShock on the horizon, the Jolt will be RIP, for sure. This has been the Nerf Triad EX-3 blaster review, courtesy of Nerf Gun Attachments.

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