Nerf Vagabond: New Nerf Blaster

nerf vagabond hobo with a nerf gun

I was down under, surfing the waves near the Southern Brisbane Nerf Club, when I caught wind of a new leaked Nerf blaster.

nerf vagabond

Lo and Behold: The Nerf Vagabond!

Okay, this one is a little weird. This one just came out of left field, didn’t it? In the midst of the Nerf Modulus and the Doominator and RotoFury, we have this. This… Nerf Vagabond blaster. It’s sporting what the boys over at the SBNC are calling a cyber-western theme. And I see what they’re saying. To me, it does look like something Drac the Nerf Vampire would make. Yeah, I could definitely see Drac using the Nerf Vagabond. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a little pair of silver fangs painted on the other side of the blaster in this picture. I can appreciate where they’re going with this blaster and I appreciate seeing new blasters like the Nerf Vagabond. But to me, it seems sort of pieced together, like a Frankenstein blaster(Nerfenstein?). It looks like a Nerf Rough Cut and a Nerf Strongarm were chopped up and mixed together. Take a look.:

nerf vagabond mockup rough-arm

The new Nerf Rough-Arm blaster. Coming soon. (PhotoShop skills too strong.)

See what I mean? It looks like a Rough Cut / Strongarm mashup. A pump action revolver style shotgun. Most interesting is the open barrels, or chambers. This blaster doesn’t appear to be front-loaded. No, the Nerf Vagabond seems like it is side loaded. Sort of like the Nerf Sharpfire, but in revolver form and without the breech lock/cover from that gun. Others were worried about that open ended design, and I am no different. It looks cool, but weird and scary at the same time. The coloring and the seemingly random transparency throughout this blaster is a bit odd as well. This has been a preview of the leaked Nerf Vagabond blaster. Alrighty then. So what did you think of this blaster? Will you be picking the Nerf Vagabond up if it releases? Will it be part of the Zombie Strike line, or an all new line altogether? Maybe the Cyber-Western thing will be a thing. Tell me how you really feel down below in the comments section!

nerf doomlands logo

blown up logo made by Southern Brisbane Nerf Club

doomlands blaster nerf vagabondUPDATE: It appears that the boys at the SBNC were right on the money with this one. They have revealed a leaked logo image for what appears to be a new cyber-western/post-apocalyptic themed line of Nerf blasters. Sure makes me think of Borderlands. I guess the Nerf Vagabond can now be safely referred to as the Nerf Doomlands Vagabond. Check out the original logo.:

UPDATE #2: During the 2015 Nerf Design and Marketing Team Hangout, which is basically a large Q&A session between Nerf and a community of invite-only Nerf bloggers and YouTubers, a few interesting answers were given. One specific question in particular had a particularly resounding answer from Nerf. Check it out:

  • Q: (Lord Draconical) We had this really sweet Snapfire 8 awhile back… does this tech still exist, did you like it, might we get a space revolver with a Western theme? 
  • A: We like the double-action, but it can be difficult for smaller hands. But never say never. It’ll show up again… sometime between now and 2160 (laughs).

So there we see Lord Drac slyly asking about the leaked Nerf Vagabond blaster. That blaster is supposed to be from a new line of Nerf blasters called “DoomLands 2169.” So as you can see, Nerf has given quite the hint within their answer. Nerf Vagabond confirmed!

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