Nerf War in Central Park New York!

nerf war in central park new york city

I recently took part in one of my first official Nerf War outings in a long time. These are the results.

nerf war, stalking prey

Stalking my Prey with the Orange Alpha Trooper…

Nerf War in Central Park!

Nerf Nation! Today this means WAR! Nerf War, that is. I recently attended a local Nerf War in Central Park, New York City. It had been some time since I had been to an organized war. As a result, I got my arse handed to me. Most notably, you’ll find some (pretty raw) footage of a few of the best bits from the various skirmishes and battles from the War down below.

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New York Nerf War!

nerf war new york host

Pictured with his two ghetto modded blasters, Van James (IG: @snoop_doggy_doge) is a true Nerf Warrior! BONZAIIIIII!

Alright, so most of the recurring Nerf War events in New York City are due to this dude right here, Van James. Van James, who is possibly better known as Snoop Doggy Doge, is one of the most dedicated Nerf Warriors in the North East. This guy travels anywhere he can to attend a Nerf War. From Long Island to NYC to Upstate New York, in addition to Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, etc. You name it and he’s been there and waged Nerf Warfare. Furthermore, he’s just a stand up dude. Hence, if you Nerf in NYC, he’s definitely someone you’re going to want to get acquainted with.

Nerf War Loadout

nerf war loadouts the heavy runner nerf loadout nerf war loadout

Click the pic to be taken to my Nerf War Loadouts article

For a Nerf War, you play to win. Therefore, I used the loadout that I went over in my recent Loadout article. That consisted of my trusty Elite XD Alpha Trooper, an OJ Stryfe, and a pair of Hammershot blasters. Especially relevant was the fact that all of my blasters were lightly modded. My EXDAT had an OMW Stage 1 Kit installed. The Stryfe had 2 IMR batteries and 2 dummies. My left Hammershot had the OMW O-Tac Gear S1 kit, while my right Hammer had the Blasterparts Full Metal kit and a 3D Printed 7 shot cylinder from China.  I also had various tactical gear to hold all of my Nerf blasters, ammo, and darts. Simple.

Nerf War Game Types.

nerf war game types capture the flag

Van James (aka Bonzai Box Kid) capturing our flag!

For this New York City Nerf Battle we wanted to play an objective based game type. Consequently, we decided to play some Capture the Flag (CTF). Rusty Nerfers who need to brush up on New War Game Types, click here or the image above and you’ll be taken to an article explaining some of the different Nerf War variations. While Capture the Flag is a basic game type that most people are usually familiar with, it does have to be played the right way. The players are split into two teams, each with a team base and a respective flag. In this Nerf War, I was on Team Red. (Did you really expect anything else?) The goal is to make it into the enemy teams base and grab their flag and bring it back to your base. Whoever does this the most before the time runs out is the winner.

Nerf War End

nerf war end

In conclusion, it was a very fun day and I highly recommend it. If you can go to a Nerf War, do it! Even though things didn’t necessarily go as planned at this event, I still had a buttload of fun. Van James and his crew completely decimated my entire team, but it was still fun. I fell over, head over heels, while sprinting full speed. You can see this in the YouTube video I posted above. Guess what? I still had fun!

end of a nerf war

On top, a glorious modded Ultra Tek Sentinel. On the bottom, a modded Retaliator. Both with custom Van Grips.

I had an absolute blast! If you’re into Nerf, but you’ve been hesitant on attending, you’ve got to finally try it for yourself. Go and look for a local Nerf War. If there aren’t any, try to get some people together and have your own. Go to Nerfhaven and sign up. Nerfers from NYC should follow me on Instagram or Facebook and I will let you know when the next one is! Because I’m sure you’ll want to know!

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