Nerf War Loadouts – The Heavy Runner Loadout

nerf war loadouts the heavy runner nerf loadout nerf war loadout

What’s going on guys? This is Blee. Here today, we’re going to be talking about Nerf War Loadouts.

nerf war loadout heavy runner nerf loadout nerf war loadouts

The Heavy Runner Loadout

I had an upcoming Nerf War in Central Park, so I knew I needed to throw something together. At 6 feet tall, I’m a fairly large fellow and so I knew I could carry a lot of gear on me pretty easily. So I set out to design a Nerf loadout that would allow me to pack on plenty of blasters and ammo without slowing me down. This is only the beginning, though. I will have more Nerf War Loadouts in the future.

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Nerf War Loadouts – Heavy Runner Primary:

nerf war loadout heavy runner nerf loadout nerf war loadouts

First things first, we’ll start with the primary blaster. In this Nerf war loadout, I’m using the Nerf N-Strike Elite XD Alpha Trooper CS-6. It has an Orange Mod Works Stage 1 kit, which most notably includes an upgraded 5KG spring. And even though it isn’t usually advised, I removed the air restrictor from this blaster as well. I don’t usually recommend removing the AR because it’s not necessary to achieve a significant power increase. I’m running my Alpha Trooper with an 18 round mag, a Modulus Red Dot Sight, and a Gear Up Raider Stock. I’ve also got the original N-Strike Bandolier strap on it so I can sling it over my shoulder when I switch to my…

Nerf War Loadouts – Heavy Runner Secondary:

nerf stryfe - nerf war loadouts heavy runner nerf loadout

For my secondary, I selected the ever versatile Nerf Elite Stryfe. This is the orange XD version. In addition to being orange, it is also slightly superior to the blue colored original version. This blaster hasn’t been re-wired, but I did drop in some IMR batteries which is like an insta-mod cheat code. I did a full review on the now defunct IMR High Voltage Mod Kit from Dorm Labs. However, in the description of that video I offer alternative options for achieving the same effect. I run this blaster with an 18 round mag and I keep it holstered in the Nerf Zombie Strike leg holster.

Nerf War Loadouts – Heavy Runner Sidearms:

nerf hammershot nerf war loadouts heavy runner nerf loadout sidearm

This leads us to our last set of blasters for this loadout: a pair of Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot blasters. The Hammershot always makes a great option for a sidearm because of its ability to be wielded with one hand. In objective based Nerf Wars, like Capture the Flag or even HvZ, this is especially important. Otherwise, it’s just fun to dual wield them for no good reason. The two Hammershots I’m using in this Nerf loadout are both fully modded. One has the original Orange Mod Works O-Tac S1 mod kit and the other has the Blasterparts full metal kit and a 3D printed 7 shot cylinder from China.

Nerf War Loadouts – Tactical Gear:

nerf war loadouts heavy gunner nerf loadout tactical gear

For any good loadout, you’ll want some good tactical gear to back you up. That’s why I always suggest some kind of battle belt or chest rig. For this loadout, I chose the NcStar AK Chest Rig. I was able to carry six 18 round mags on the front of the rig. (While I had no problem with it, I believe it would be better suited for 12 round mags.) Also, there are 2 side pouches on the rig. You can use these pouches to hold loose darts or even another small blaster. In addition to the chest rig, I used a double shoulder holster from Apex Tactical Solutions for my dual Hammershots. Rounding out the rest of the loadout was the aforementioned Zombie Strike holster, my trusty pair of Mechanix gloves, the bandolier strap for my EAT, and my video goggles which doubled as eye protection.

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