Nerf Water Squirter Review

nerf water squirter

From fast-food chain restaurant McDonald’s, comes the most epic water squirter to ever exist… Ever!

nerf water squirter mcdonald's toy

The epic Nerf Water Squirter

I could not believe what I saw when I walked into a McDonald’s the other day… NERF! “What!?,” I nearly yelled aloud, “Nerf is even at McDonald’s now?” They had various Nerf toys and paper disc Vortex type blasters and other fancy Nerf gadgetry, but I laid my eyes on this water squirter and I knew it was meant to be. I reluctantly ordered a Happy Meal, umm a Mighty Kids Meal, err I ordered a small meal for the vertically inclined.  A meal that came in a cardboard box and included my very own Nerf Water Squirter! Yeah, baby! Let’s go!

nerf water squirter mcdonald's toy skippy peanut butter

You’re damn skippy I bought a Happy Meal for this toy.

Breaking Down the Nerf Water Squirter…

So let’s break it down and go over this powerful little water squirter. It comes in your standard cardboard Happy Meal box. And once you unfold the top of the box, you will see the toy. Dust the french fries and ketchup packets off of it, and you can see the Nerf Water Squirter clearly in its protective plastic baggy covering. Beautiful.

nerf water squirter in bag

And yes, people are even selling this toy online. Click the pic to be taken to a 3rd party Amazon listing for the McDonald’s Happy Meal Nerf Water Squirter toy. Think this will be a collector’s item? Maybe so…

In the bag you will find the water squirter, two little flags for target practice, and a tiny instruction manual. Pretty standard stuff here, huh? Let’s go over how this bad boy works, shall we? Clearly judging by the instructions this is one tricky little blaster to master. Let’s go!

How the Nerf Water Squirter Works.:

First we need to fill this thing with water, right? Obviously. This is not the Nerf Air Squirter, is it? Haha. And I can give you some advice right away: Stop looking for the water cap to unscrew. There isn’t one. We will front load this water blaster. So, get out a cup of water and insert the Nerf Water Squirter into the cup with the plunger handle pushed all the way in.

nerf water squirter refill

Now, still holding the water squirter under the water, slowly and steadily pull back the handle.

nerf water squirter

Voila! You have successfully filled this water squirter with fresh water (hopefully).

nerf water squirter

Now that your little Nerf Water Squirter is brimming to the top with fresh H20, it’s time to shoot it! Grab your water squirter and prepare to lay waste to your enemies. Firmly hold the water squirter in one hand and grab onto the orange handle with the other hand. Aim at your target and push the plunger handle forward as fast as you can!

Witness the awesome power of the Nerf Water Squirter pistol! Your enemies will cower in fear when they see what you can do with this. (Admittedly, I didn’t push in the plunger as hard as I could have, and your results may vary.) Next, let’s take a look at those little flag-target thingamajigs.

nerf water squirter

Oh look, a friendly neighborhood Minion has popped over to join us! How cute! Anyway, here you can see the Nerf Water Squirter and the two flags, with the Minion for size/scale. The flag is white on the front and has the Nerf logo etched into the blue plastic back. But once you shoot at the flag with the water squirter….

nerf water squirter

Oh my God! Becky, look at her flag! Once you shoot the flag with the water squirter, the background image bleeds through the white part of the flag and we are blessed with a cool looking Nerf logo design. Pretty nifty, if I don’t say so myself. Here’s a picture of a dry flag with a water soaked one….

nerf water squirter flags

Too cool! And once the flag dries, it goes back into its white flag self. What! Extended fun for the whole family is what that is right there. Family Funsday!?

Nerf Water Squirter Aesthetics.

Nerf usually makes some great looking products. Let’s see if that trend continues…

nerf water squirter mcdonald's toy

There she is, fellers. The Nerf Water Squirter in all her squirtery goodness. Note the classic blue and orange color scheme common in Elite blasters. Wait… Does that mean this should be called the Nerf Elite Water Squirter? *Gasp!*

nerf water squirter

This is the view that you will see if you look down while holding the Nerf Water Squirter. Look at that sweet arse Nerf faux-tactical rail! Details

nerf water squirter barrel end

And this is the view your enemies will see just before they meet their watery demise. Muahahahaha!

Nerf Water Squirter Conclusions.
nerf water squirter and minion

Well that’s all folks! Me and my Minion are here to say adieu and goodbye! Hope you enjoyed the Nerf Water Squirter review! And hopefully you could tell this was all in jest. This was not a serious review, I was just having some fun. This thing is cool, and maybe a collector’s item, but it’s not really going up against any real Super Soaker. It’s a true kids toy and one that came inside of a happy meal. If you’re thinking about picking one up, you can head over to or eBay and you’ll find them in abudance for pretty low prices.

One More Thing…

nerf mcdonald's happy meal minions movie toy

Since I featured the Minion in this Nerf Water Squirter review, I couldn’t go without mentioning that more scandalous Minion that’s been in the news as of late. Apparently, these Nerf toys aren’t at McDonald’s any longer. They’ve been replaced by Minions toys to go along with the new movie. Well, there is a talking Minions movie toy that comes in a Happy Meal from McDonald’s nowadays that happens to be a little more notorious than the average Happy Meal toy. There have been reports that along with the gibberish that each Minions says, that this particular Minion swears and curses and has an all around potty mouth. Well, not really, but still. This Minion has been known to utter the “WTF” phrase on occasion. I find this to be absolutely hilarious! Not for the faint of heart or those that don’t like vulgarity, but to me this is just a hoot! These things are also on eBay and they are selling like hotcakes. I actually bought more than one of those, because I know this will be a collectors item for real a little while down the line. Plus, it’s just funny to hear this alleged childrens toy uttering profanities. Check it out!

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