Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut Review

nerf zombie strike crosscut

Mission: Cut a path to freedom. Target: Any zombie within reach. Location: Tight spaces. Function: Buzzsaw and Blaster. Results: Messy. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

nerf zombie strike crosscut

Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut

Here today, we will be doing a full review of the new Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut! This is a cool little blaster with a very crazy gimmick. I will go over the full aesthetics and external features of the Crosscut, I’ll tell you how to operate the blaster, and then I’ll go over the results of a quick firing test that I performed. Finally, I’ll discuss my final thoughts and opinions on the Nerf blaster, as far as what I like and don’t like and if I recommend a purchase of the gun. Well, what are you waiting for?! Let’s “chop” it up!

Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut: Looking Sharp.

The Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut blaster looks totally crazy, but… in a good way. It has that unmistakable┬áZombie Strike flair, but this time, they’ve outdone themselves. The Crosscut comes in that standard Nerf Zombie puke green paint job, but the design of the shell goes a little further. This is the most jerry-rigged looking Nerf blaster on the Zombie Strike lineup. It really seems as if someone put this together on the fly. The priming rod handle resembles the opener tab on a soda pop can. The circular saw blade appears to be held on by a big red monkey wrench. Giant screws, tubing, and even a bike chain adorn the side of the blaster. The blaster resembles some kind of amalgam of Doublestrike and Firestrike DNA. It looks like some kind of hybrid love child of these two blasters. It has 2 barrels in the front like a Doublestrike, but a pull-to-prime priming handle in the back like a Firestrike. The handle of the Crosscut has the same faux-wrapping of other Zombie blasters, but it is way more comfortable than a lot of blasters out there.

Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut: Cutting Edge Performance.:

nerf zombie strike crosscut

The Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut blaster looks wild and its performance isn’t far behind. The performance of this blaster is definitely on par with other blasters in the current stable. It hits hard and shoots far, just like its blaster brethren. To fire it, first front load two Zombie Elite darts into the two barrels. Next, pull the priming bar out until it clicks and locks into place. Next, pull the trigger. Utilizing the smart air restrictor system, it will fire whichever barrel is loaded with a dart. It skips over any empty barrel and fires the dart that’s loaded. If both are loaded, it will fire the top dart first, followed by the second dart after you prime and pull the trigger again. That second trigger on the bottom of the blaster? That activates the spinning buzzsaw action of the circular saw blade. This is similar in action to the Nerf FlipFury or Doominator, except instead of switching cylinders, you’re spinning a blade. The blade is cool for a very close range melee weapon and it is pretty fun to use. The blade itself is made out of soft Nerf foam and it is totally safe to hit people with, just make sure you don’t accidentally hit them with the blaster. The saw blade also stops immediately after coming into contact with anything. So once again, good performance and a goofy, but fun and safe gimmick. Pretty good.

Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut Final Thoughts.:

nerf zombie strike crosscut

You don’t normally buy a Nerf blaster from the Zombie Strike line because you want the most efficient, top performing blaster. That’s why the Nerf Elite series of blasters exist. There are some exceptions, but usually, you buy a Zombie Strike blaster for its inherent quirkiness or simply for a cool, off-the-wall gimmick. This thing has both in buttloads. The Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut blaster is basically a Firestrike mixed with a Doublestrike and performance is what you’d expect. The look and the feel of this blaster is absolutely bonkers, though. And that circular “Buzz” saw is just too much fun. I have had fun just sitting there operating the buzzsaw and/or annoying friends and family members by attempting to saw their arm off. Good times. So, if you’re looking at the Crosscut, chances are you know what you’re in for, which is a lot of fun and a little weirdness. If you’re okay with that, then by all means pick this thing up as soon as you can.

Nerf Zombie Crosscut Buzzsaw Blaster

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