Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator Info

nerf zombie strike doominator

Along with the Nerf Modulus, there were a couple of new photos of the Nerf Zombie Doominator blaster as well.:

nerf zombie strike doominator boxart

Nerf Zombie Doominator: Box Art Breakdown.

This box art really isn’t as informative as the recent Nerf Modulus box art pictures. All I can tell from this is that the Doominator has 4 “flipping drums” and that it comes with 24 darts, which is just enough to fill up the drums. Also, it appears some assembly is required, but it is a tool-free experience. That’s all the information I can gather from this shot. It does give us a new, slightly angled shot of the Doominator, though.:

nerf zombie strike doominator nerf doominator blaster


And that about does it, really. S.B.N.C referred to this blaster as conjoined FlipFury twins, which I thought was pretty funny. It’s not exactly inaccurate either. This blaster is like the bigger, meaner brother to the FlipFury. Big, mean, and green — just like The Hulk. The Nerf Hulk is due to release later this year, sometime in the fall. Imagine a mod for this blaster where the whole drum is hot-swappable, able to pop out and be replaced by another full drum. Imagine that! Who else is excited for this blaster? Will you be picking this up when it releases? Tell me how you really feel, down below in the comments section.

 Source: Southern Brisbane Nerf Club.

2 thoughts on “Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator Info

  1. There is no need to mod it so you can replace the drums with other drums to reload the gun, you can just buy a rampage and buy some extra magazines for it. The doominator is basically the rampage but without stock attachments and you can’t change the position of the priming handle. Yet the doominator does have slam fire like the rampage, I heard that the drum gets in the way and the doominator’ salami re causes jams. Honestly I think the rampage is better since it can accept clips. But the doominator is better if you have time to pick up darts from the ground and load it while shooting. But you can do that for the rampage too by filling up another clip while using the one that’s in the gun

    1. Hello and thanks for commenting.

      The Doominator is similar to the Rampage, sure. However, this is one of those big silly guns with a gimmick. It’s big, it’s mean and it’s green. It also has a very high ammo capacity. That’s what will sell this thing, or not. The Rampage is one of the greatest spring blasters, IMO, so I see where you’re coming from. But imagine for a minute… Imagine if, like you said, you could do a “hot-swap” and switch out the cylinders on the fly. Imagine if they sold those cylinder kits separately. That would be amazingly cool. The Doominator would be a game-changer.

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