Nerf Zombie Strike SilentStrike Review

nerf zombie strike silentstrike

The name’s Jablomey. Haywood Jablomey.

nerf zombie strike silentstrike

Nerf Zombie Strike SilentStrike.

Alright, guys, this is the Nerf Zombie Strike SilentStrike. Or Air Strike, depending on who you ask. It’s basically a Nerf dart blowgun and it’s actually pretty cool. I think so, anyway. You can check out my quick video review down below before you finish reading the review. The SilentStrike actually got me to go outside and do a range test, which I haven’t done in a while. It’s been winter in New York and it was really cold outside, but I just couldn’t resist. Needless to say, I had a lot of fun with this one. Check out the video to see what I mean.

Did you watch the video? Seriously? Hey, thanks! What did you think of the results of the range test? Let me know what ranges you were able to hit, down below in the comments section. I just want to know!

Nerf Zombie Strike SilentStrike Aesthetics.

nerf zombie strike silentstrike

The Nerf Zombie Strike SilentStrike is just a blowgun like I said earlier. So there’s not really much to talk about. It’s just one long tube or “barrel” with a small shell encasement over certain parts of the tube. On the business end, there’s a stylized muzzle and it looks pretty cool. There’s also a bit of black plastic that includes what I assume is some kind of front iron sight and then on the bottom is a sling point. Near the middle of the blaster, there is a faux tac rail. It looks like they were going to put a tactical rail there and then scrapped it at the last minute. Kind of like what happened with the Nerf Modulus Recon. Anyway, underneath that fake tactical rail, on the bottom of the blowgun, is another sling point. Then is some more faux cloth wrapping on the handle, and this faux cloth wrap is seen on nearly every Zombie Strike blaster. Finally, at the very end is the mouthpiece. Inside the mouthpiece is what looks like an air restrictor, or what I like to call a “don’t inhale the dart” restrictor.

Nerf Zombie Strike SilentStrike: Air Strike Performance!nerf zombie strike silentstrike

The Performance of the Nerf Zombie Strike SilentStrike is totally dependent on your lung power. If you’ve been smoking 10 packs of cigarettes a day for the last 4 decades, you probably won’t do so well with this blowgun, or any blowgun really. So, with that said, I was hitting ranges of 80 to 90 feet pretty consistently. There is a slight learning curve if you’ve never used a blowgun before, but you will get used to it in no time. I know other people that have only hit 30-50 feet and others who hit well over 100 feet. So, in the end, it really is completely dependent on how hard you can blow. Giggity.

Nerf Zombie Strike SilentStrike Final Thoughts…

nerf zombie strike silentstrike

Okay, so my opinion on this air strike blowgun is actually pretty good. I like this thing. Yes, I know you can make a blowgun out of a piece of PVC pipe for about a tenth of the price, but c’mon, it won’t look this pretty. The Zombie Strike SilentStrike just looks really cool to me. I love the black coloring and the exposed “barrel.” I even like the faux cloth wrap on the handle and the mouth piece is very nice, too. I don’t have much experience with blowguns, but I’m quite fond of this one. The performance is up to you and your lungs, but people have said that the blowgun should have been longer. A longer blowgun would equal longer ranges, but… I can understand why they made it so short. For a product made for kids, they can’t have them running around with blowguns as big as they are. All in all, I think this is a great little product. And while it’s not as cheap as PVC, it’s certainly very affordable.


nerf zombie strike silentstrike air strike


Well if the performance was anything like this terribad photoshop job that someone has done for the SilentStrike, then we would have been in big trouble. I mean really? Look at the picture on the right, because that’s the original image and it’s for a completely different product, the Max Force Blow Blaster Blowgun35. On the left is an absolutely horrible photoshop that someone made to advertise the SilentStrike online and Toys R Us is actually using this super fake image as the main image on their product listing page for the SilentStrike. Pitiful. Especially when you consider that if you head over to Perpetual Play Group’s website, you can find a ton of promotional images and even a video, some of which I used in this review.

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