New Nerf Guns 2015: Nerf Modulus

new nerf guns 2015 nerf modulus

Less than a month has gone by and we are already deep into New Nerf Guns 2015 announcements. First the RotoFury, then the Doominator, and now the Nerf Modulus.

New Nerf Guns 2015 — Revelations.

So, I was over at AwesomeNerfer1999’s blog, browsing headlines as usual. Then, I saw it. New Nerf Guns 2015? What? Finally, the Nerf Modulus was revealed. I remember hearing about this blaster months ago in an article covering new Nerf guns 2015 on another Nerf blog. From the name it’s clear to see what the focus of this blaster will be. This new Nerf blaster (or line of blasters) aims to be the most modular, easily modifiable blaster we’ve yet seen. I say line of blasters because, if you notice, there aren’t any “N-Strike” or “N-Strike Elite” brandings anywhere on this blaster from what I can tell. It also has that ugly unique color scheme. It’s either its own thing or it is the first of many new Nerf guns 2015 with the Modulus logo.

Nerf blog MyLastDart originally broke the story and here is the product description:

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster

Ages 8+
SRP: 49:99
Available: Autumn 2015
Achieve unprecedented levels of CUSTOMISATION with the Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10. Giving fans both the versatility and performance they crave, the modulus ECS-10 features motorised blasting and can be configured in over 30 ways to make any Nerf MISSION or SHOT possible. A precision scope, Stock with integrated clip storage, dual-rail barrel, drop-down grip, 10-dart banana clip and 6 tactical rails enhance the blasters accuracy and efficiency. Includes 10 N-STRIKE darts. Also are available UPGRADE and MISSION packs to further customise and amp up your blaster!

My Take On The Nerf Modulus:

I love everything the new Nerf Modulus stands for. I am all for what it represents and I look forward to what it can bring to the table for other new Nerf guns 2015. We have to encourage a return to traditional core Nerf blaster values. I’ve been saying this for a while. What made me love Nerf and stay loyal to them was their cool looking, realistically functioning blasters. Blasters that had tactical rail mounts and interchangeable Nerf Gun Attachments and accessories. Blasters that were the definition of tacticool. But then what happened? Nerf attachments and accessories were few and far between. There are mere remnants of old attachments scattered across eBay. That’s it. It’s hard to procure certain attachments, barrels, clips, drums, etc. But why, Nerf? Anyway, they must have heard me. Because now the Nerf Modulus ECS-10 is on the horizon. So, let’s take a look at what we know about the Modulus so far:

  • Modulus is clearly a reference to the modular nature of the blaster.
  • ECS-10 is the designation for a motorized Electric Clip System blaster with a magazine capacity of 10 darts.
  • This blaster comes with an assortment of Nerf attachments already included (scope, stock, extended barrel, foregrip, and a banana clip.)
  • The Modulus can be configured in over thirty different ways with optional Upgrade Kits (sold separately).
  • The paint job is terrible.

Not kidding, I hate the paint job. This might be one of the best new Nerf guns 2015, but I feel like I’m going to have to paint it myself. Although, the more I look at it, the better it gets. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed with the 10 dart capacity of the banana clip. This is the first time we’ve seen a banana clip on a blaster since the Nerf Demolisher. I thought they’d do it better this time for new Nerf guns 2015. I’m sure the 10 dart thing was done intentionally, though, because one of the Upgrade Kits appears to be a “Flip Clip” upgrade. There are also “Stealth Ops,” “Strike N Defend,” and “Long Range” kits rumored. We know what the Flip Clip thing is already, but I’d like to take a guess on some of the others. Let’s see if I’m correct. Here we go. The Stealth Ops kit is a laser sight and/or a “silencer.” The Strike N Defend kit will include a shield like the Stampede and a grenade launcher like the Demolisher. The Long Range kit will be an extended barrel and/or a bigger scope with actual magnification. Maybe it’ll be a secondary blaster attachment like the original Longshot. Well, there you have it. My predictions. Either way, I’m definitely looking forward to all the New Nerf Guns 2015.

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