New Nerf Guns For Sale 2015

new nerf guns for sale 2015 nerf elite xd alpha trooper at kohls

Nerf Nation, I bring to you the very first Nerf Gun Attachments Public Service Announcement! The focus of this announcement is to alert you to the fact that there are several new Nerf Guns for sale right meow! Check it out…

New Nerf Guns For Sale 2015

Hey guys! Here today, we’ll be doing an NGA PSA — that is, a Nerf Gun Attachments Public Service Announcement! We’ll be going over a few recent releases that appear at retailers you might not necessarily check, and a few retailer exclusive blasters that aren’t so exclusive anymore. This is a quick overview News article for all of the cool new Nerf guns for sale that are online and in stock and ready to ship right now! Here’s a list of all of the new Nerf guns for sale that I have discovered:

1. Nerf N Strike Elite Longshot CS-6 00:34

nerf elite longshot nerf longshot cs-6

An Elite repaint of the classic Nerf Longshot CS-6, this time it actually comes with the included bipod and front gun. This blaster is a Toys R Us exclusive in the US and UK. It is out and available online now!

Read the NGA Blaster Review: Elite Nerf Longshot CS-6 Review

Buy the Nerf Elite Longshot here:

2. Nerf Elite Blue Rhino Fire 01:04

nga nightly nerf news blue nerf elite rhino fire

A repaint of the regular white Rhino-Fire, this time in Elite Blue colors. This blaster comes with a bonus pack of two extra 25-Dart Drum Clips and 100 Elite Darts total. All for the same price. Available online and in store as a Costco Exclusive in the US, which of course means you have to be a Costco Member.

NGA Blaster Review — Still considering a purchase. Tell me, Nerf Nation, should I buy this blaster?

Buy the Nerf Blue Rhino:…

3. Nerf Elite XD Alpha Trooper CS-6 01:34

Ahh, the return of the almighty Alpha Trooper. I like to call this the Phoenix blaster. Just when you think the Alpha Trooper is finished or done for, it makes a triumphant return. Well, the EAT rises from the flames again, this time retaining the orange coloring of the fire from which it was born… NOW AVAILABLE as a Kohl’s Exclusive in the US. It’s actually on sale right now! This is by far the most exciting of all of the new Nerf guns for sale.

— NGA Blaster Review Coming Soon!! —

Buy the Nerf Elite XD Alpha Trooper:…

4. Nerf ZED Squad Mega Magnus 2-Pack 02:04

new nerf guns for sale 2015 nerf zombie strike zed squad mega magnus 2 pack

This cool double pack of the Mega Magnus in Zombie Strike colors was formerly a Target exclusive in the US. That deal must have expired, because you can now find the set (more conveniently) on! The bluish one is actually the same exact color as the Zombie Strike Longshot blaster!

Read the original NGA Mega Magnus Blaster Review: Nerf Mega Magnus Review.

Buy the Zombie Magnus 2-Pack:

5. Nerf Zombie ZED Squad Longshot CS-12 02:34

new nerf guns for sale 2015 nerf zombie strike zed squad longshot cs-12

Speak of the blue devil! The Zombie Strike Longshot, also a former Target exclusive blaster, is now available with free two day Amazon Prime Shipping! That’s right, you can find this on the Amazon site right now!

Nerf Zombie Longshot Review: Besides the color scheme, this is the same ol Longshot – You can read my Elite review up above…

Buy the Zombie Longshot:

6. Nerf Elite Stockade 03:04

new nerf guns for sale 2015 nerf elite stockade blaster

This blaster is a bit of a throwback, as it released more than a few years ago — but it still has a much sought after shoulder stock attachment. And for good reason, it’s a pretty cool and useful stock. Because of this fact, it has been hard to find it for a good price — No more! The Stockade (formerly exclusive to Wal-Mart) is now widely available at its MSRP at!

Read the NGA Blaster Review: Nerf Stockade Review.

Buy the Nerf Stockade:

RECAP 03:34

This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you, in part, by Nerf Gun Attachments. The views and events expressed here are totally my own, and are not necessarily the views of anyone else. However, the New Nerf Guns for sale in this video are not to be taken lightly. Children should not participate in the reading of this PSA, with laces in their shoes. Nerf Gun Attachments is not responsible for your actions. Upon reading this article, you have agreed not to get too excited. Anything else? Yeah, be sure to watch the video!


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