New Nerf Modulus Info

new nerf modulus blaster info

Now here is a topic that I truly love writing about, the upcoming modular Nerf blaster extraordinaire, the Nerf Modulus ECS-10 blaster. Check out this new New Modulus info down below.:

Nerf Modulus.

new nerf modulus box

There she is, the new Nerf Modulus boxart! Looks pretty slick, huh? Let’s see what we can gather from the box. Starting from the top, we can see the “Build Your Own Blaster!” wording. They are really pushing the modular capabilities of this new Nerf Modulus blaster. I like it. Next to this it says there are 30+ combinations for how you can put the Modulus together. Down near the bottom, you can see that it has those Elite XD advertised ranges of 90 feet(27 meters). Excellent! Another notable point is that we finally get to see those new white Elite darts with orange tips. I like the new darts and they match perfectly with the Modulus. Under this it lets you know you will need 4 AA batteries, just like the Nerf Stryfe. Let’s see what this blaster looks like once you take it out of the box and put on all of the attachments.:

new nerf modulus blaster

There she is, gentleman. And she is beautiful. Exquisite. I love it. The new Nerf Modulus poses for the camera in stunning detail. We see the assembled shoulder stock, the foregrip, the barrel attachment, and that cool little sight. In earlier posts I’ve said that I hated the color scheme of this blaster, but I gotta tell you, it has certainly grown on me. Maybe I’m just getting too hyped, but I’m starting to feel like I prefer this new Nerf Modulus paintjob to the old Elite blasters of yesteryear. It definitely tops the current Elite XD paint scheme anyway. On to the Upgrade Kits.:

New Nerf Modulus Upgrade Kits Info.

new nerf modulus stealth ops upgrade kit attachmentsnew nerf modulus stealth ops upgrade kit attachments


Here is the new Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit. The attachments include a folding grip, a red dot sight, and a proximity barrel. Awesome. I don’t know how comfortable that grip will be, but the red dot sight looks simply amazing. It’s like a sleeker version of the old Nerf Elite Pinpoint Sight. That proximity barrel? I’m definitely a fan. It’s clearly a muzzle brake/flash suppressor. Too tacti-cool. Another kit.:

new nerf modulus long range upgrade kitnew nerf modulus long range upgrade kit attachments

This is the new Nerf Modulus Long Range Upgrade Kit. This will basically turn your Modulus blaster into a Sniper Rifle. Features a pretty sturdy looking folding bipod, a very nice looking “distance scope”, and and a long range barrel. Very sharp looking kit here. The scope reminds me of Clear Shot/Shotblast blasters from Nerf. And that barrel got the sniper look down perfectly.

nerf modulus flip clip boxnerf modulus flip clip

And here is the Nerf Modulus Flip Clip. Double 12-dart clips, with a connector to attach them together. Empty one clip, eject, flip, reinsert. Too nice. I loved the first Flip Clip set Nerf came out with back in the N-Strike days, and this one seems to top it in every way. It’s compatible with Elite darts, for one. It’s also doubled the entire capacity of the old Flip Clip set. And instead of having the clips attached end-to-end, these are perfectly adjacent, save for the part that actually goes inside of the magwell. Brilliant. Takes me back to my Call of Duty Black Ops Fast Mags days.

new nerf modulus blaster info


That’s all, folks. For now. But expect me to keep you posted on anything new with the new Nerf Modulus blaster. I’m always on the lookout for new info about this blaster. I love it! Tell me how you really feel down below in the comments section. And be sure to check out all of my other articles on the new Nerf Modulus blaster. (there are many.) Okay, thanks for reading. See you later!



Source: Southern Brisbane Nerf Club.

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