New Nerf N Strike Elite Blasters!

nerf n strike elite

Okay, so before you get too excited — these aren’t new-to-Nerf blasters. They’re just donning some sleek new Elite blue paint. But I love it either way!

nerf n strike elite

The Nerf N Strike Elite XD Rapidstrike CS-18: The most Elite of all the Elite blasters.

I’ll take new Nerf N Strike Elite blasters anyway I can get them!

Okay, Nerf Nation, how ya doin’? This is Blee from… here. Anyhow, I just heard about some upcoming Elite Blue repaints and I got a little bit excited. So of course I decided to share it with you guys! First up of the “new” Nerf N Strike Elite blasters is the Nerf Rhino-Fire! Check it out:

As you can see this was taken from Instagram. It’s spreading around on the site and other social media, but I can’t find any solid info on this blaster anywhere else. So chuck this one up with a grain of salt. Some may be excited for this one because it boasts more traditional Nerf N Strike Elite blaster coloring, but I actually prefer the original color scheme. This one is quite ugly, in my opinion. On the plus side, it seems to come with four 25-dart drums and 100 Elite darts. What do you think, Nerf Nation? Yea or Nay?

nerf n strike elite longshot box

Next up, we have a blaster that really requires no introduction. The Nerf Longshot. Only this time in official Elite blue’s! Now this one had me really excited at first. Then, I read the description… But first, I’ll give you the good news first. Check out this picture of the Nerf N Strike Elite Longshot CS-6 Blaster!



The Elite Longshot blaster is beautiful! It looks perfectly how I’d imagine an Nerf N Strike Elite version of the Longshot to look. Not only that, but unlike the recent ZS Longshot, the new Elite Longshot comes with the bipod and the front gun! That’s really cool. So there we have it, an Elite Longshot with the scope, front gun, bipod, beautiful Elite blue color scheme, and it comes with and fires Elite darts. Also, this one is 100% confirmed to be real. So what could possibly go wrong? Well, let’s take a look at the description.:

Product Description

Great outdoor fun with this cool Nerf N-Strike Elite Long Shot Blaster! More than three feet long and can launch the foam arrows up to 35 feet! Aim with accuracy and precision using the targeting scope. Includes one quick-reload clip which holds 6 darts.

This 2-in-1 blaster means you can shoot with both hands in combat! In either mode, load up, aim, press the trigger and watch the darts go the distance!

• 2-in-1 blaster

• Launch arrows up to 35 feet!

• Targeting scope to aim with accuracy and precision

• Includes 6 foam darts

Okay, I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s claiming ranges of “up to 35 feet!” 35 feet?! What the what!? Thanks Obama! So you re-released the Longshot again. And again you release the Longshot with no internal changes whatsoever. C’mon Hasbro! This is the same Longshot we’ve had since the beginning, just with another new paintjob. So far ,this thing has come out in about 5 different colors. But you know what the sad part is? If this comes out in the States (it’s currently in the UK), then I will most definitely be picking this up. I just love the Longshot. I dunno, a new color is reason enough for me to buy it all over again. But what do you think, Nerf Nation? What says you on the matters of Elite recolorings? Let me know, down below in the comments section. Tell me how you really feel!

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