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Hey guys! This is a quick overview News video for all of the cool new Nerf guns that are due to release over the next few months. Check it out!

NGA’s New Nerf News!

Nerf Nation! New Nerf News! Who doesn’t love it? I know most of you guys have heard of all of these blasters already, but I thought I’d compile all of the info I knew about these blasters into one little spot. The NGA New Nerf News spot! I’ll add the pics I have, the info, and my own thoughts and opinions on the blasters. So, here we go. Are you ready? If you’re the TL;DR type, just click the YouTube video above and you can listen to me speak about new Nerf news for a few moments in time. Either way, enjoy! So without further adieu…

Here’s a list of all of the new Nerf blasters that I cover in the New Nerf News video.:

1. Nerf Elite Split Strike 00:13

nerf split strike blaster new nerf news nerf splitstrike

– A true “2-in-1” blaster, able to split into two different blasters at the push of a button. To accomplish this, the Nerf SplitStrike features two separate priming rods, two triggers,  and two individual smart AR systems to control all of that firing power.  The only single blaster that you can dual-wield. Sounds cool, yes. But here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. Good: It looks pretty cool when fully assembled and the pistol grip handle is comfortable as well. The Bad? It looks very flat and oddly unfinished when you split the SplitStrike into two blasters. It’s like you’re literally breaking apart and ripping a whole blaster into two halves. As for the Ugly? This blaster is a Wal-Mart exclusive in the United States. U-G-L-Y! You ain’t got no alibi!

2. Nerf Elite Dual-Fire 01:11

nerf elite dual strike blaster new nerf news 2015


– The first Nerf gun that uses two different types of regular Nerf Dart ammo (no missile or grenade type ammo). Using a selector switch, you can switch between Elite or Mega darts. The top set of barrels are aligned in a triangle formation, like the Nerf Elite Triad blaster. The bottom MEGA barrels are one on top of the other, like the Nerf Crossfire. They both use Smart AR systems. The blaster seems to be about the size of a Mega Magnus. This thing seems very cool and I’m definitely looking forward to this one. Maybe if this blaster sells well, we can get a primary blaster like a Longshot or Rapidstrike with a built in Mega shotgun masterkey attachment??? That’s something I’ve always wanted. But, so far nothing like this from Nerf… so #ModisLife.

3. Nerf Zombie Strike CrossCut 02:11

nerf zombie strike crosscut blaster new nerf news 2015


Another off the wall Zombie Strike blaster, the CrossCut allows you to rev up a circular saw blade, which just happens to be attached to the front/bottom of the blaster. (Don’t worry parents, it’s dull plastic — no sharp edges.) It’s controlled by that little secondary trigger poking out from underneath the blaster, right in front of the main firing trigger area. That saw blade trigger is very similar to the flipping mechanism trigger on the Nerf FlipFury blaster. This thing is gimmicky as I don’t know what, but… I can’t help but feel intrigued. This blaster looks like it will be a lot of fun, at least for a little while. Can’t wait! Also, the funny built-in wrench design on the side of the blaster is a nice touch.

4. Nerf Modulus Recon Mk II 03:21

nerf modulus recon mk ii new nerf news 2015 blasters


– A new re-shell of the Recon/Retaliator, this time in Modulus-ish colors and with a new stock and front barrel attachment. The blaster body is very reminiscent of the Retaliator, with it’s compact pistol like size and it’s top priming slide. What set this Modulus Recon apart from its predecessors is a side tactical rail on the clip well (maybe on both sides?) and a pretty sweet handguard to protect your hand. The Modulus Recon Mk II stock looks pretty cool, but ridiculously tiny. (What is this, a shoulder stock for ants!?) On the other hand, the front barrel extension looks cool and it seems to have a small tac rail underneath. Should be interesting to affix that barrel to other blasters.

5. Nerf Modulus Ion Fire 04:49

nerf modulus ion fire new nerf news 2015 new nerf blasters nerf guns

– a Nerf SharpFire re-shell for the Modulus line, but this time it’s super tacti-cool with its front barrel and stock attachment points, as well as 2 tactical rails. The original SharpFire was a cool little blaster that was very reminiscent of the old NES Zapper from Nintendo. It was a cool blaster to just toy around with, but nothing to bring to a Nerf War. The breech loading was very cool, though, and I’m glad to see it make a return in the Modulus Ion Fire. This blaster sports a similar look to the main Modulus blaster, with matching colors throughout. It also features a similar, but obviously smaller, top tac rail/carry handle. It even features a similar skeletal design for the pistol grip handle. Unlike the SharpFire, the Ion Fire is completely compatible with N-Strike extended barrel and shoulder stock attachments. Winning.

6. Nerf Elite XD Alpha Trooper CS-6 06:09

nerf alpha trooper xd

Ah, the return of the almighty Alpha Trooper/ Phoenix blaster. The EAT rises from the flames again, this time retaining the orange coloring of the fire from which it was born… this blaster has already released overseas, we’re just awaiting any official word on a stateside release. Fingers crossed! I’ve already done a quick overview of this blaster, for that article, click here. I just wanted to remind you guys not to forget about this blaster!

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