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nga nightly nerf news nerf doomlands persuader

Alright guys, you know what it is — It’s time for another dose of new Nerf news from Nerf Gun Attachments.

NGA’s Nightly Nerf News

This time, we’ll be going over a few different Nerf blasters. We’ll be talking about the newly leaked Nerf Doomlands 2169 blaster, the Nerf Doomlands Persuader. We’ll also talk about the Nerf ELITE Longshot and the Elite Blue Rhino-Fire repaint. Another thing to talk about would be the new Rewards Program that Nerf has launched. Also, is the Nerf Stryfe on its way out the door? Finally, I’ll be going over the Nerf Elite XD Alpha Trooper again. Because, why  not? I never get tired of talking about Alpha Troopers. I also do a voiceover sharing my opinions on the new Nerf blasters. You can check out the video, or read the article below. Either way, On with the show!

Here, we’ll cover all the topics that I go over in the video, but with a little more detail this time. Here we go.:

Hey guys! This is a quick overview News video for all of the cool new Nerf guns that are due to release over the next few months or sometime next year. Here’s a list of all of the new Nerf blasters and other topics that I cover in the NGA Nightly Nerf News video.:

1. Nerf Doomlands 2169 Persuader 00:19

nga nightly nerf news

– We kick off this edition of NGA’s Nightly Nerf News with this new leaked blaster from the Doomlands 2169 line. This new Nerf Doomlands Persuader has been called a double Doublestrike and I can see why. It’s small and compact, but features inline 4 barrels, one atop another, like the Nerf Zombie Crossfire bow. And it fires via a smart AR system which fires a single dart each time you prime and should fire from the top barrel to the bottom barrel. Even more exciting is that the Doomlands Persuader is a hammer action pistol blaster! This is just like the Doublestrike and also one of my favorite blasters, the Nerf Hammershot. The Persuader has been ridiculed for its name already, but other than that it looks like a very good, solid blaster. Looks like this blaster might dethrone the Triad or Jolt for ultimate backup blaster!

2. Nerf Elite Longshot CS-6 02:06

– Next on your nightly Nerf news journey, an old friend returns. The absolute best of the original N-Strike blasters, the Nerf Longshot, makes its triumphant return (again) in this Elite Blue paint job! While it’s not truly an Elite blaster, as it retains the original internals, this thing looks very cool and after a couple of quick mods it will be on par with most standard Elite blasters. Unlike the recent Zombie Longshot, this new Elite colored Longshot comes with the whole package. It comes with the Nerf Longshot front gun and the original bipod. The Longshot is one of those blasters I could keep buying over and over and over again. So bring it on I say! This is a Toys R Us exclusive in the US and UK. You can find it on the Toys R Us eBay store here:

3. Nerf Elite Rhino-Fire (Blue) 03:28

– Number 3 on the nightly Nerf news list sees another blaster becoming new again. The Nerf Rhino Fire sees a new paint job as well, donning classic Elite coloring all over the blaster body. What makes this special, besides the coloring, is that it comes with 2 extra 25-Dart Drums. That means 4 ammo drums and 100 Elite darts are included in the package, for roughly the same price point at which the original Rhino-Fire retailed. Winning! But if I can be frank, I think I actually liked the original white color scheme for the Rhino-Fire. This one just has too much… blue. Is it just me? What do you guys think?

4. Nerf Perks Rewards Program 04:26 How’s this for new nightly Nerf news? A new rewards points perks program has been announced by Nerf! Using your receipt and the upc code from the box, you’ll be able to redeem eligible Nerf purchases (the Nerf Zombie Strike Doominator is the blaster of the month for October) for rewards points online. You can redeem these points for various Nerf products, including darts, bandolier/tact vests, and even some pretty cool Nerf blasters too! The rewards are pretty epic. They’ve got some great blasters to give away in the upper points tiers. Check it out in the video!

5. Nerf Stryfe Discontinued? 05:58

nerf elite flywheel blasters nga nightly nerf news nerf stryfe no more stryfe discontinued

Click the pic of the Nerf Stryfe to search Amazon for the blaster — You will see what I mean …

– A bunch of rumors have been going around the NIC talking about the demise of our beloved Nerf Elite Stryfe blasters. Are the rumors true? Can they be dispelled? Can they be confirmed? Take a look in the video to see my thoughts on the matter and what I think may be happening. I honestly hope this doesn’t happen anytime soon. I’m about to start binge buying Stryfe blasters in the meantime. If I can find them. Toys R Us has them, but not online. Then Target has them online, but not in store. Amazon doesn’t have them. I’m starting to get scared. Help!

6. Nerf Elite XD Alpha Trooper CS-6 06:58

nerf alpha trooper xd nga nightly nerf news

– Rounding out this edition of NGA’s Nightly Nerf News, is the Nerf Elite XD Alpha Trooper blaster. This blaster has already released overseas, we’re just awaiting any official word on a stateside release. Watch me beg and plead for Nerf to release this thing already! Is it just me? Am I alone? Or would anyone else love to see this thing release over here in the States? Long live the Alpha Trooper!!

So what did you think of that, Nerf Nation? Seems pretty exciting, no? I’m enjoying every tidbit of information that I receive about anything Nerf related — and I’m also enjoying putting it out there on my site and on YouTube and just sharing it with all of you guys out there in the NIC! As always, thanks for reading! Hope to see you down in the comments section! That’s all. This has been NGA Nightly Nerf News! Until next time, Nerf Nation.

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