Quitting NERF? A Few Words About Exiting The Hobby

quitting nerf

Let me just preface this by saying one thing.: I am NOT Quitting Nerf. Not me, not now, no… not EVER! But someone did.

sbnc quitting nerf


Life Goes On, Long After The Thrill of NERFING is Gone. Or that’s what they tell us, anyway. Either way, though… these are sad times. We lost another one, guys. And no, no one has died… but, it almost feels like it. Rob from the Southern Brisbane Nerf Club (or S.B.N.C. for short) is no longer with us. And while he didn’t die, he one-hundred percent left the hobby. He’s become another victim of Quitting NERF.

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And people have been asking me how I feel about this…

THIS is how I feel!

From the moment I got here, before I even had a YouTube channel, before I had a website. before I was on Instagram, before any of that — I was just another Nerfer. Just knowing that I love Nerf and going on YouTube and looking for Nerf channels, I found the Southern Brisbane Nerf Club channel and instantly I was drawn in. I loved his content, I loved his channel… I was a fan, just like many of you are. So to hear that he’s going to be leaving the hobby? It’s just another sad day. To have someone that so many people loved just quit and walk away? It’s a sad day, no doubt.

I loved watching his videos. They were always full of good laughs and great vibes. He had this unique style of humor to him and the way his videos came out was totally unique. We had nothing like Rob in the community. Him quitting Nerf has left an obvious and noticeable void.

But more on to what happens after he is gone. Is the Southern Brisbane Nerf Club going to cease to exist just because Rob has stepped down? I certainly hope not, because from seeing all of their war footage and loadout videos and everything that was going on over there, it seems like they have a really great, really strong community. And it would be ashame to let that die.

So if you’ve seen his video where he spoke about all the trouble that was going on in his life, there was nothing but love in the comments section on that video. When he said he was leaving, everyone got it, everyone understood that he was going through a lot of trouble and he needed to focus on making more money.

But, it hit home for me because I honestly am going through 99.9% of the same exact stuff he’s going through. Literally. It was so weird to watch that video because it could have been watching a video on myself. And that’s why I also happened to feel like this.:

quitting nerf reactionI understand.

I one-hundred percent understand where he’s coming from and why he made the choices and decisions that he made, but instantly when I saw that he was quitting, I was like “didn’t we just do a GoFundMe? Didn’t we just help him out?” So I thought it was a little weird that he would successfully fund his project to get a new computer to continue YouTube and now he’s quitting YouTube. But, I mean, y’know, he’s going through a lot of stuff, so I get where he’s coming from and I wish him the best. I can definitely understand his problems with the financial side of things.

quitting nerf, pwntatoz rendition of struggling nerf modderMany a Nerfer know the financial struggle involved…

He had to do what’s best for him, so… yeah. I’ll definitely be going back and watching his old videos from time to time, maybe giving him a little money off the ad revenue from those views. It’s just a sad day, guys. Guys, if you don’t know Rob from the SBNC, just head over to his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/SouthernBrisbaneNerf. You just gotta go over there and check it out. He has Nerf news, blaster reviews, mod guides, Nerf War videos, Nerf Loadouts, and more! Head over there, check him out, take a look at his old stuff and then you can join me in mourning the loss for the community. It’s definitely a sad time in the NIC to lose one of our greatest members, but you know what they say:

rob poole of the sbnc quitting nerf

Photograph; Renae Droop

Life Goes On, Long After The Thrill of NERFING is Gone.

So let me guys know what you think about Rob quitting Nerf, exiting the hobby, leaving the whole scene, etc. Let me know, down in the comments section below. I really want to hear back from you guys on this, so drop me a line. But enough sadness, let’s look back on some of the brighter moments in the history of the SBNC.:

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