Rapidstrike CS-18 version 2.0

nerf rapidstrike cs-18 ver 2.0 with dormlabs high voltage battery mod kit

I love my Rapidstrike. I really, really love my Rapidstrike. But one thing I don’t love? Batteries. I hate batteries! Specifically non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. They absolutely suck!

nerf rapidstrike cs-18 ver 2.0 with dormlabs high voltage battery mod kit

Rappi, Rappi, let me upgrade you…

It could happen to anybody. Well, it happened to me. Just like I’m sure it has happened to a lot of you reading this article here today. I was about to vanquish my enemy to another dimension with some cool Nerf foam. I lined them up in my sights, dropped a couple of slick one liners, and then with a villainous laugh, I pulled the trigger. And then? Nothing happened. I was using my Nerf Rapidstrike CS-18. That’s a fully automatic flywheel blaster. It requires 4 huge C size batteries to operate. Although I had just popped in a pack of coppertops a couple of months ago, I was completely out of juice. Needless to say, I was lit up like a Christmas tree. My opponent pulled out dual Rayvens and proceeded to pump me full of darts. At the hospital, while I lay in the ICU, I vowed that this would never happen again. Never again!

nerf rapidstrike cs-18 ver 2.0 with dorm labs high voltage battery mod kit

Dorm Labs provided me with a promotional copy of this mod kit so that I could bring my readers a full review. This did not influence the outcome of the review whatsoever. All opinions are my own.

Dorm Labs High Voltage Battery Mod Kit.

So just when I was about to load in more durrr-a-cells to energize my Rapidstrike CS-18, something came crashing through my living room window. I ran to the window and peered out into the darkness. I bent the blinds down with my left hand and held my Alpha Trooper right behind me in my right, just in case. I was just in time to see a man in a white lab coat hurriedly running away. Seconds later, a black van pulled up with the back doors open and the man hopped inside. The van promptly sped away into the darkness… but as it did, I managed to make out a few words on the side of the van: “Dorm Labs LLC.” As I was about to call the police, I noticed the side of the box and my jaw dropped. High Voltage IMR Battery Mod Kit?! That was just what I needed! I hung up the phone and picked up the box off the floor. I dusted the remaining glass shards off and emptied out the contents of the box onto my table.

nerf rapidstrike cs-18 ver 2.0 with dorm labs high voltage battery mod kit

Inside the box was a battery charger with the power cord, 2 Efest IMR 14500 700mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Button Top Batteries, 2 dummy batteries, 4 AA to C conversion tubes, and another free Elite Dart! (thanks Dorm Labs). There was also an instruction booklet inside with various warnings that basically let us know that if we mishandle or use these IMR batteries the wrong way that we risk electric burns, electrocution, or full on spontaneous combustion. Okay, I was joking about the last one (maybe), but the point is this: you need to be careful and be safe when using these batteries. That goes for any high voltage batteries, not just these.

nerf rapidstrike cs-18 ver 2.0 with dorm labs high voltage battery mod kit

Anyway, you’ve got to charge these bad boys up before you can use them and unleash their awesome power. Take the two red batteries out of the white box and insert them into the charger, making sure to match up the negative and positive signs on the battery with those on the sides of the charger. Before you plug in the charger, look for the voltage switch on the side. It should be in the 4.2v position. After you plug the charger into the outlet, the lights should lit up with a red light. If the lights turn green immediately, unplug the unit from the wall. Houston, we may have a problem. Leave the batteries in the charger, observing them frequently, until the indicator light turns green. Then pop them out right away. You do not want to overcharge these batteries. Trust me.

nerf rapidstrike cs-18 ver 2.0 with dorm labs high voltage battery mod kit

After they’re fully charged, pop them out. You can insert them directly into the battery tray of any of your flywheel blasters. The Stryfe, Rayven, Demolisher, Modulus, whatever. I’m using the Rapidstrike CS-18, though. So we’re going to need to put the 2 IMR batteries as well as the 2 dummy batteries inside of the black conversion tubes first and then insert them into the battery tray. But that’s it. It’s that simple. Easy, right? This is the most droppiest drop-in mod kit I’ve ever used.

Rapidstrike CS-18 ver.2

After installing the Dorm Labs High Voltage Battery Mod Kit, I noticed an immediate difference. As soon as I revved the acceleration trigger, I was wowed. I almost startled myself. It’s loud and gnarly sounding. When I fired the darts, they were gone so fast that I could swear they disappeared. It’s like they just evaporated into thin air. On the other hand, the person on the receiving end of that hailstorm of bullets I’m sure would disagree. Aiming at the wall, the darts beat upon the wall with a ferocity unheard of from a stock Rapidstrike CS-18. Dorm Labs might as well call this the Hyperactive Crack Addict Mod Kit. Because after I put the battery in its back, my Rapidstrike became addicted to darts. No matter how many darts I fed him, he kept running through them. He could never get enough darts. My Rapidstrike now has an insatiable foam addiction and it never gets its fix.

High Voltage Rapidstrike CS-18 Revelations

nerf rapidstrike cs-18 ver 2.0 with dorm labs high voltage battery mod kit

The most simple, most effective mod you can do for a springer is to upgrade the spring. The most effective single mod you can do for a flywheeler? Upgrade your batteries, fool! And that’s exactly what this Dorm Labs High Voltage Battery Mod Kit does. In no time, I was running a high powered, high voltage Rapidstrike CS-18 ver 2.0. With no actual internal modifications (rewiring, battery tray alteration, replacement flywheel motors, etc.), we were up and running and just sending darts exploding from the muzzle. It was quite impressive. The difference that just 2 simple IMR batteries can have on your blaster is outstanding. I love how quick, easy, and simple this mod kit was. And I’m definitely loving the new performance from my Nerf Rapidstrike CS-18 blaster. This kit includes everything you need to upgrade your blaster and it comes in at a very attractive price point as well. I did some quick research on Amazon to find all the pieces that make up this kit and it’s actually a little bit cheaper to buy this kit. Plus, you are assured that everything is to the right spec and compatible and most importantly, safe. Buying an all-in-one kit like this saves you from the headache of picking out and selecting the components individually. There’s also a pretty thorough little instruction packet included with the kit, in case you needed even more guidance. All in all, though, another great product from the wonderful Dorm Labs. Check them out, guys, they’re awesome!

dorm labs high voltage battery mod kit

dorm labs nerf attachment companyFeatured Company Profile.:

DormLabs LLC is a proud, US based company that is on the forefront of innovative aftermarket Nerf attachments. They manufacture and distribute a wide assortment of tactical gear and performance blaster products. They make good, high quality Nerf attachments at affordable prices.

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    1. Yes, the batteries are quite nice. The run time is good and you won’t have to swap them out mid game or anything like that. If you want peak performance though, you’ll have to look into installing a Lipo battery pack.

    1. First of all, why did you buy a battery holder? The battery holder you have purchased is a replacement for the one already in the Rapidstrike and it offers no increased benefit. That’s a weird choice. Second, the batteries you have purchased are Flat Top batteries. You need Button Top batteries. Those button top batteries are the ones that are interchangeable with the regular alkaline 1.5v batteries that Nerf blasters use. So I’m a bit confused…

    1. To tell you the truth, I really don’t remember. If I had to guess, I’d say it was about $25-$30. I’ve set up links to replacement parts you can buy individually to make your own kit. It comes out to about the same price the kit was, but allows more customization. It’s a win-win. I should probably update this article because it honestly seems like DormLabs is giving up on their business.

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