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So I was browsing the internet one day, looking for Nerf related stuff, and I happened to come across this page. It was a parenting blog written by a mother of three. She discovered that she could use one of her childrens Nerf blasters, a Strongarm, to effectively discipline them. Does it sound a bit shocking? Well, “sometimes a momma’s gotta do what she’s got to do…” 

Fret not: The discipline was not harsh. Rather, it was playful and entertaining. She fired warning shots (mostly). In the end, she got the job done amidst joy and laughter. The children completed their tasks and finished the chores expeditiously. She was worried about a backlash, but it seems like pretty excellent parenting to me. No one was hurt and she got the end result that she so desired. I’m going to follow her lead and use similar methods to take the initiative on my own child’s discipline. Sure, my son’s not old enough yet, but in a about a year or so, I’ll be ready and waiting. What do you guys think about using a Nerf blaster as a playful way to discipline children? Sound off in the comments section and tell me how you really feel.

Note: Nerf products are designed to be safe, even when fired directly at a person. 
The projectiles that are fired from a Nerf blaster are made of a "Non-Expanding 
Recreational Foam." The foam is made to be thrown indoors and apparently "You can't 
damage lamps or break windows. You can't hurt babies or old people." 
The darts may sting for a second, if fired at a sensitive area, but no permanent 
damage can be done when using the Nerf blaster in accordance with the manual and proper safety guidelines. Wear safety glasses, don't aim directly at the face, etc.

Nerf Strongarm

The product she used was a Nerf Elite Strongarm, which can be found on here: Nerf N-Strike Elite: Strongarm Blaster


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