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Nerf Doomlands 2169

nerf doomlands logo

Get ready for yet another new Nerf blaster line for 2015. Take a look […]

Nerf Rebelle Fearless Flyer

nerf rebelle fearless flyer

Oh my goodness. Where did this blaster come from? It sounds amazing. And sexy. The […]

Nerf RotoFury on Amazon!

nerf rotofury nerf mega rotofury review

What a month, what a month! First the Nerf Modulus, then the Nerf Doominator, […]

Nerf Doominator on Amazon!

nerf doominator

UPDATE: Here is a cool video from UK retailer Smyths Toys: Original article: The […]

Nerf Modulus: Nerf 2015

nerf modulus toy fair ny 2015

Ah, the Nerf Modulus. I could write articles about this blaster all day and […]

Toy Fair New York 2015

jacob javits center toy fair ny 2015

Toy Fair New York: 02/14/2015 – 02/17/2015 The 112th annual North American International Toy […]

Zombie Strike Blasters: Nerf 2015

nerf zombie strike blaster bio squad

Welcome back, Walkers! We’ve already had the radical FlipFury release. We’ve already seen the Doominator. […]

Rebelle Nerf Blasters: Nerf 2015

rebelle nerf arrow revolution

To all the Nerfer ladies, all the Nerfing ladies. All the Nerf ladies, now put […]

Nerf MEGA Blasters Nerf 2015

Nerf Mega RotoFury Blaster

Nothing new to report here, unfortunately. On display were the same old Nerf Mega […]