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Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 Review

nerf rival apollo review apollo xv-700

Guess what! Nerf just got an M Rating! That’s right, folks. Their next blaster […]

Nerf Rival Blasters: Red vs Blue

nerf rival stars and stripes

And just like that,  a couple of wild Nerf Rival blasters appeared… These Nerf […]

Nerf SplitStrike

nerf splitstrike

Now this is a true “2-in-1” blaster, the Nerf Split Strike. The Nerf SplitStrike […]

Nerf Vagabond: New Nerf Blaster

nerf vagabond hobo with a nerf gun

I was down under, surfing the waves near the Southern Brisbane Nerf Club, when […]

New Nerf Guns 2015: Nerf Modulus

new nerf guns 2015 nerf modulus

Less than a month has gone by and we are already deep into New […]