Nerf Stock 101: Best Nerf Shoulder Stock?

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Alright guys, so let’s talk about some Nerf attachments. After all, isn’t the name of the website “Nerf Gun Attachments?” Right. I love the inherent tacticool nature of Nerf gun attachments and so that’s why I named this site accordingly. Now let’s discuss the almighty Nerf stock (And no I don’t mean the kind that you can buy and sell on Wall Street.)…

Nerf Stock 101:
What’s the Best Nerf Shoulder Stock Attachment?

“A stock, also known as a shoulder stock, a buttstock, or simply a butt is a part of a rifle or other firearm, to which the barrel and firing mechanism are attached, that is held against one’s shoulder when firing the gun. Stocks are also found on crossbows though a crossbow stock is more properly referred to as a tiller.[1] The stock provides a means for the shooter to firmly support the device and easily aim it. The stock also transmits recoil into the shooter’s body.[2]” –

Just in case. Haha. Yeah, so now that we all know what a shoulder stock is, we can decide which one is the best Nerf Stock, aesthetically and ergonomically. Which Nerf Stock functions the best? It has to be stable and reliable. It has to be a comfortable length. Some people will also find that the look of their blaster really matters to them, and for that, the shoulder stock must be aesthetically pleasing. So which Nerf Stock meets all of these requirements? Well, take a look..:

There she is, the Nerf Raider Stock. The Raider stock is, in my opinion, the best Nerf stock in the game! It looks amazing and it feels amazing. At its full extension, it is the perfect length for me. But that’s just it: it’s also extendable. This means it can be the perfect length for Nerfers of all shapes and sizes. You can adjust it to fit your individual needs. That’s what really pushes this over the edge for me. It is so versatile. The Raider stock doesn’t suffer from the biggest weakness that plagues a lot of Nerf stocks either. A lot of Nerf stocks will be either too short or too flimsy. The Raider stock is neither of these things. So, we have great looks and great ergonomics and great functionality. A perfect trifecta of features for what I believe to be the perfect Nerf stock.

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However, there is one negative to the Raider stock. It’s been discontinued. You can not stroll into your local toy store and pick one of these up. You can’t even buy a Nerf blaster that includes this stock anymore. Your only option is to buy used Raider stocks from eBay or Amazon. But, as you can see if you click the picture link above, things can get a bit pricey. That orange Raider stock is known as the Gear Up Raider stock and it’s one of the most sought after versions of the Raider stock. (Now more than ever, perhaps, as it matches the recent Nerf Elite XD Alpha Trooper pretty perfectly.) The standard blue Raider stock is cheaper, but it’s still used. So what option is there then, for people who don’t want to buy second hand Nerf accessories from eBay? Well, let’s look at a couple of runners up to the Best Nerf Stock title.

Runner Up Number One: The Nerf Lightning Storm/Switch Shot Shoulder Stock.

black worker nerf stockThis shoulder stock is a very close runner-up to the Nerf stock throne. Originally, it’s a Super Soaker stock that appeared on the Super Soaker Lightning Storm. Later it appeared on the Super Soaker Switch Shot, sans the Lightning Bolt. This stock is great. It evenly matches the length, stability and comfort of the Raider stock. It also looks extremely cool. However, just like the Raider stock, this Super Soaker stock has regrettably been put out of production. Trying to find one of these stocks online can be even worse than the Raider stock, too. Just take a look on eBay. But, in every cloud, there is a silver lining! A Chinese company named Worker has begun to manufacture stocks that are very similar to these old Nerf stocks. The Worker stocks may be even sturdier and more reliable than the official Nerf stocks. To see more of the Worker stocks and other pieces, click here or on the picture to the right.

nerf modulus blaster stock nerf stock

Runner Up Number Two: The Nerf Modulus Blaster Stock.

The Nerf Modulus has come and, although it’s technically just a glorified Nerf Stryfe re-shell, it has still been a game changer. The Nerf Modulus didn’t come alone, no. It brought a whole host of Nerf gun attachments. It also brought us back to an age of individually packaged Nerf accessories, too. No need to buy an entire blaster, you can just buy Upgrade Kits or even separate attachments by themselves. Excellent. The Nerf Modulus Blaster Stock is a result of this. On to the stock itself, it lines up quite nicely with the expected length and stability. It’s also fairly comfortable, too, though not quite as comfortable as the other two stocks. It’s also a little bulkier than the other Nerf stocks on this list. This can prove to be a bit cumbersome for some Nerfers. This is the only really great Nerf stock that you can still find in stores today, so that’s worth a lot.

Nerf Stock Round Up!

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So in the end, we are left with three different Nerf stocks to choose from. And honestly, you can’t really go wrong here. The Raider stock is a classic and is available in many different colors and variations. The Lightning Storm stock, too, can be found in many different variations, including the Switch Shot and Worker stocks. The Modulus Blaster Stock? That’s the only truly great Nerf stock that is currently in production today. This is subjective because I’m a pretty big “kid.” However, like I’ve said before, if you’re over the suggested age range on the box, you’re probably going to be needing one of these 3 Nerf stocks. That about does it for this one, guys. As always, thanks for reading!

If you have somehow reached the bottom of this article without reading it, because TL;DR, then you’ll be delighted to know that I released a video on my YouTube channel covering this same exact topic. It’s a quick little video and I show how the stock looks on a bunch of different Nerf blasters. Check it out!

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