Zombie Strike Blasters: Nerf 2015

nerf zombie strike blaster bio squad

Welcome back, Walkers! We’ve already had the radical FlipFury release. We’ve already seen the Doominator. Could there be anything else? I mean realistically, come on. What else could they have in store for the Zombie Strike blaster lineup? Keep reading.

Zombie Strike Blasters in 2015.

nerf zombie strike doominatorNerf Zombie Strike Doominator.

We’ve already seen the Doominator, yes it’s true. But seeing and believing are two different things. To know what it means to wield this unwieldy beast and fire it first hand. To experience it’s priming handle foregrip. These are things you have to actually experience for yourself. The foregrip handle can actually be unscrewed and moved to two other positions. For righty or left or whatever’s clever for you. This over the top overkill blaster appears to be loads of fun. We have actually learned that it’s Slam-Fire ready. That means you can fire off the 6 darts from each drum as fast as you can push and pull the foregrip handle. Outstanding!

Zombie Strike BioSquad Blasters.

nerf zombie strike blaster biosquadThese two blasters, the Abolisher and the Eraser, are definitely a new take for the Zombie Strike line. These blasters can fire Nerf darts, “Zombie repellent,” or in the Abolishers case water. Pretty crazy, huh? I like how Nerf is taking the Zombie Strike blaster line and doing weird over the top stuff. It fits in with the whole zombie theme. I approve. What’s the zombie repellent? It’s a can of silly string that you can mount on top of the blasters. I’m definitely interested in getting my hands on these and seeing just exactly how the work. So now we’ve got Zombie Strike blasters under Zed Squad and Bio Squad sublines.


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